Definition Of Interpersonal Skills

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Bus 1101 – Principles of Business Management Written Assignment: Unit 6
Interpersonal skills are valuable in everyday life and in business. There is a wide difference between people in their mastery of interpersonal skills. However, the assumption is that each skill can be learned and developed by everyone if they make the necessary effort.
Go on the internet and do research on the following interpersonal skills: listening, assertiveness, negotiation, feedback, persuasion, interviewing, and coaching. For each skill prepare a report containing the following elements: a definition of the skill, an example of how the skill could be useful in business, and a web site that offers instruction on how to develop that skill.
Prepare a two page (double-spaced) report on your findings.
Definition of skill: Verb: 1. …show more content…

Retrieved from 4.html [Accessed 14 October 2015].
Coaching Definition of skill: To train or teach (Oxford Paperback Dictionary 1994: 150).
Example of how the skill could be useful in business: Coaching is important where it is necessary to impart skills and know-how to other members of the organisation. One example of this would be during succession planning where an incumbent provides coaching to an
Page 4 of 5 incoming member of staff. Another example would be an established, experienced employee providing coaching to interns or trainees, which effectively amounts to an investment in a company’s future.
A website that offers instruction on how to develop the skill: Wishful Thinking offers instruction on how to develop coaching skills. Retrieved from [Accessed 14 October 2015].
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