The Importance Of Coaching

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Successful healthcare organizations must utilize leaders who understand the importance of coaching employees. Managers must coach employees to keep them competent and to keep them working toward a common goal with the organization’s vision in mind. Leaders must assess employee’s abilities and plan interventions based on the assessment. The purpose of this paper is to review the coaching process, assess an individual’s abilities and weaknesses, and use the six-step coaching process to develop a coaching plan for the individual.
Importance of Coaching Coaching is the practice of providing guidance through comments or conferences to an individual or individuals to assist the advancement of skills and abilities (Manion, 2011). Also, coaching is a process where leaders attempt to improve an employee’s performance by giving continued feedback (Lussier & Hendon, 2016). Individuals often have many talents, but require support or direction to utilize their skills. A high-stress work environment can cause a decrease in job satisfaction, anxiety, nurse burnout, and a decline in job loyalty (Rushton, Batcheller, Schroeder, & Donohue, 2015). Employees in these high-stress areas need to bed coached by leaders to help motivate and inspire them.
Leaders can utilize coaching to harness and focus the skills of an employee or employees. Managers must …show more content…

The manager can improve the unit by coaching Sandy and prevent any further negative results from her behavior. The six-step coaching process requires continued commitment from the manager for success. The manager must utilize all six steps and provide feedback to employees throughout the year. Managers can use coaching to help redirect employees and prevent the requirement for disciplinary action. Coaching can be a very valuable tool if managers commit and strengthen their coaching

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