Dangers Of Social Networking Essay

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People use social networks for different purposes. Some people often prefer to use social networks to communicate with family and/or friends they don’t get the privilege of seeing often along with the people they are obligated to see such as coworkers. While others use social networking for the effortless purpose of being able to gain information on anyone or anything at any time. It is extremely convenient for people who have busy lives to be able to get everything they need using just a few simple clicks of the mouse. Most people would agree that the vast majority of social media impacts have been negative on society as a whole! Not to mention the many dangers that follow the use of social networking. One of the biggest dangers is the fact…show more content…
People of all ages have become so accustomed to the use of the internet for socialization they have weakened and almost crippled their ability to socialize in a normal fashion. Nowadays, a relationship is based on if your boyfriend posts a picture or not of you on social media on Wednesday telling everyone how much he cares about you when in reality he should be taking you on a date and showing you how much you mean to him in person. Relationships have changed from going out on dates to sitting at home taking pictures together in order to impress their peers and get likes on social media. Example given is the speed at which young couples become acquainted and connected. What used to take months or even years to create and bond a couple is doing practically overnight with the surveys and speed at which information can be obtained and processed. Not to mention, when targeted innocent, naïve people meet up unknowingly and place themselves in extremely dangerous situations just like my coworker Allie did! If this tool was not used the person might have had adequate time to discover some real red flags in a stockers background or current…show more content…
For example, social networks are free of charge. People are always attracted to the word “free”. This is how websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram become so popular. All that is needed to make a profile is a valid email account. While there are others that require some sort of funding. The average social media website does not require a startup fee or even monthly billing. Another huge benefit is by simply hitting “follow” or “like” on pages such as bands, restaurants, stores that you like or are of interest to you; you will always get the most recent information and stay up to date. There are many families that use social media in order to communicate with each other. You are able to communicate with people in your local neighborhood just as you are able to communicate with family members or loved ones across the

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