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Title How can you be Safe While Social Networking? Introduction: What is Social Networking? Social Networking is a modern and the easiest way to Communicate Online. It has revolutionized the way we communicate over large distances. We can get into contact immediately with Family, Friends, and other people from around the globe using any of the modern Communication mediums such as a Mobile Device or a Computer. There are many possible ways of Social Networking. You can use Social Networking Websites, Blogging, IMs (Instant Messengers), Chatrooms, and Dating Sites to get connected to people. Discussion: How Social Networking can actually be Unsafe? Almost everybody uses a number of Social Networking mediums daily to communicate. Most…show more content…
Almost over a billion people use Social Media Websites daily in order to get in touch with their Loved Ones, Family, and Friends. These sites are widely used to share photos, experiences, and loads of other personal items. They are no doubt a valuable tool for marketing, social, and entrepreneurial purposes but they have some really serious downsides as well. There are a lot of risks concerned with Social Networking Websites. For example, Disclosure of private and personal information, Bullying, and harassment, stalking, child Abuse, mental attacks in the form of Negative, racial, sexual, and Offensive comments, phishing, viruses, hacking, click bait, fraud, and inappropriate links, etc. are associated with Social Networking…show more content…
It can be really rewarding in so many different ways. It helps you communicate with friends, family, and people from around the world with ease and the comfort of your home. With all the benefits we can have of Social Networking, there are some damages it can do to us as well. Keeping safe While Social Networking is a matter of utmost importance because we don’t know when and what can cause problems because it’s a modern day worldwide phenomenon. All the above-mentioned information tends to provide you with ways of which you can be safe from most of the problems associated with Social Networking. They not only help you get safe but to use Social Networking mediums with ease and full confidence. Hopefully, it’ll be helpful in letting you enjoy your experiences with Social
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