How Does Social Media Affect People

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Social Networking and How it Affects People

Social networks were made to help keep people connected. Social networks provide people with access to entertainment, news, free advertising for business owners. These social platforms also provide users to communicate with family abroad. With all these benefits one would think that everyone would be happy with social networking but that’s not the case, in fact some people are against social networks. I think social networks are beneficial for everyone who might use this resource responsibly.

Social networks provide their users with news around them. For example, Twitter has advertisements personalized for the account user, so lets say something happens nearby to that person then its highly likely
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For example, Awesomesauce014 wrote an online article titled on “The Effects Social Networks upon Society,” in the Teen Ink web page. In this article, the author explained that social networks might take over face-to-face interactions, eventually. The author also talks about how social networks promote isolation and bullying. The author talks about how social media promotes isolation because it’s easy to go through a day without having any human interaction because of technology. The author states, “Many people are becoming used to only conversing through their computer.” The author states, “Teenagers, however, use this new technology in a way that could be dangerous.” What the author means by this is that teenagers have different uses for social media as opposed to adults, who post things they feel important to post. Teenagers on the other hand just want to impress other teenagers and are looking to fit in, like the author states, “In this stage of their lives, they care more about their need to impress their peers than mature reasoning.” Cyber bullying has become very common throughout the years because of the rise of technology and how easily accessible social media is. With teenagers trying to decide whom they are and trying to fit in is difficult enough; now add social media and how important it has become for them to get as many likes as they can so they can be

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