Critical Thinking Decision Making And Problem Solving

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Lifetime Employability
I just recently started a new Job, so all the relative things regarding the organizational culture and positive attitude in the On the Job section and Advanced topics for professional success really resonates with me. Since my prior job was at least 3 years ago, this is fresh start in a way and is definitely more challenging version of the prior job. In this paper, I will talk about my present and past experiences that answer the questions regarding decision making and problem solving, professional etiquette, strengths in communication, and finally. strategies for achieving goals and staying on task and on time.
Critical Thinking in Decision making and Problem Solving
To tackles decision making and problem solving through critical thinking, an individual should go through the following five steps, which is 1) Identifying and clarifying the problem, first and foremost step is establishing there is a problem and pointing where exactly it is, 2) gathering information, learn more about the problem, brainstorm with coworkers, check files, call suppliers etc that would help you know more about the problem and finding it out its solution, 3) Evaluating the evidence, which is evaluating and determining the accuracy of the information gathered, 4) Considering alternatives and implications, which is drawing conclusions from the collected evidence and determining a solution from it and finally, 5) is choosing and implementing the best alternative , which is selecting a solution plan and putting it into action and then monitoring the results of the implemented plan (Guffey et al., 2011).
So, for my professional life, usually, I do first establish where the problem is, just today, I had written a credit amount on th...

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...factors is using 5 step process of critical thinking in decision making and problem solving during professional situations. Another factor is employing various etiquettes to properly become part of the organizational culture and doing your Job effectively, the ones I personally use are coming on time, being respectful and friendly, and presenting a professional appearance. The components of communications such as listening, or conversing are important during interacting with coworkers or customers; it is also important to note one 's weaknesses and work on them, mine is confronting and I’m taking various steps to overcome that weakness. There also should be various strategies in place to be on-time and on-task in one 's professional life. And lastly, one should always manage professional goals while working, so one knows they are on the right path to achieving them.
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