Core Competencies in the Clinical Settings

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Core Competencies
In the clinical setting there are clinical and non-clinical advanced roles. A clinical advanced nursing role is one that involves direct patient care. An example of this is a nurse practitioner who provides treatment to patients and medical testing. A non-clinical advanced nursing role is one that does not provide direct care to the patients. Examples of this include nurse educators and nurse administrators who do not provide direct treatment to the patients. Both the clinical and non-clinical advanced roles have core competencies specific to their specialties.
Non-Clinical Advanced Roles
The competencies of the nurse educator combine the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of nurse educators (National League for Nursing, 2013). There are eight core competencies of the nurse educator: facilitate learning, facilitate learner development and socialization, use assessment and evaluation strategies, participate in curriculum design and evaluation of program outcomes, function as a change agent and leader, pursue continuous quality improvement in the nurse educator role, engage in scholarship and function within the educational environment ("Core Competencies of Nurse Educator," 2005). The nurse educator facilitates learning in many different environments including classroom and clinical settings. They are knowledgeable in these environments and how outside influences might impact their role. They incorporate many different strategies to help students learn taking into account different influences the student might encounter and creates opportunities for critical thinking. The nurse educator helps students develop as nurses by identifying learning styles, providing resources, fostering the development and...

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...lls to lead an organization. The nurse administrator provides the foundation for the nurse practitioner to work. The nurse practitioner implements patient care using their core competencies. The nurse practitioner is involved in decision making processes like the nurse educator and nurse administrator but their focus is on the patient and the care that they are providing. The core competencies for both non-clinical and clinical advanced roles provide a structure for individuals to follow to be proficient in their field.

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