Conversational Communication Essay

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“By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” The great mind of Benjamin Franklin said that and it connects with many aspects of every day life. One that it connects to greatly is communication. Right now my future plans are to become a certified public accountant. “In this job with how global it is becoming you are constantly communicating.” Which was said by Miss Lauren Kolarik. “Communication is very important,” she continues, “in this job you use every type of communication.” There is conversational communication when you are working with your team in auditing a company, there is professional communication when talking with a partner and there is written communication when writing emails to clients and overseas workers. All of these types are important because they all accomplish a different but equally significant aspect of the job. Through the course of the interview, one idea remained constant in every answer, be prepared. In the field of accounting you will be communicating in a conversational, professional and written form. It is crucial you know which type of communication to use and how to vitalize its…show more content…
Miss Kolarik works with a team of peers to audit companies. This is a perfect example of a time where they use a conversational type of communication. She says “there is always some backhand forth communication, especially in the role as a younger staff. I’m preparing a lot of the work and the managers are reviewing my work, so if I have questions or issues its my responsibility to communicate that to higher up members of the team. Keeping open communication on the status of your work and questions you may have is very important.” If you cannot communicate well in the conversational setting it will be hard for you to be able to move up the ladder of success. Another way to get promoted is to be well-versed in communicating