Connections between Video Games and Violence

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Many of the young people of today’s generation have played video games, whether it is Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Mario, Sonic, Call of Duty, Minecraft, or Skyrim. Almost every electronic device is capable of running games. As advancement in technology increases, the video game industry will also advance. More and more of the next generations are bound to be affiliated with video games. There is a debate whether video games cause people to be violent, especially in adolescents. There has been much research done to come to a conclusion to this question. Not only did Armadi Tansal write an essay to help answer this question, but there has been an online debate about it also. These two pieces of writing may differ in many ways, such as purpose, audience, style, language, appeals, and credibility, but they both help to justify if videos games cause violence.
Analyzing Different Genres
Personal Essay
Armadi Tansal wrote an essay titled, “Modern Warfare: Video Games’ Links to Real-World Violence.” This essay can be found in the textbook “Writing: A Guide for College and Beyond” (Tansal, p. 342). The name itself informs the reader what the essay is about. It compares the violence from Modern Warfare to real-world violence. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first person shooter video game published by Activision. Tansal starts off talking about his friend “John” a college student who plays extensive hours of video games that are rated M for mature. Tansal compares John to research conducted by Craig Anderson. According to Tansal, violent video games have no affect on his friend. He claims that John is surprisingly calmer than before he would play violent video games. Anderson on the other hand disagrees. He conducted a research where he ...

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...s differ in many ways, they both have the same purpose. Their purpose was to establish if video games cause violence. The use of language, style of writing, appeals, credibility, and intended audience all differ because of the type genre they both are. Different genres are used to help others understand a purpose in a different way. Not everyone is same. Everyone is different and they all have their own ways of understanding. The more genres there are, the more variety of people will understand the same purpose.

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