The Violence of Video Games

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The Violence of Video Games There are many views as to whether video game violence causes children to behave violently. Many children play violent games because that is what most people are playing and they feel that they need to do so as well. Violence is not only in video games but also in all other forms of media because that is what sells and what will make entertainment companies more money. Lately there have been increasing amounts of people that say that violent video games are causing a number violent actions. To some extent this is true, but there are also studies that say games help people release their aggression in an appropriate way. I would tend to agree with the later. When computer games first came out they weren’t all like “Pong”, one of the first game to appear. Most of the original games had violent intention, like “Invaders” where you weren’t welcoming the aliens with open arms. Another games that I consider somewhat violent and was also a big favorite, “Pac-man.” The fact that Pac-man went around eating ghosts and any thing else on the screen shows violence at some level. The whole idea that new games are more violent than old is absurd. I can see where the adults are coming from when they say that these games are more violent, because they are more graphic. The increase of graphic violence is also a factor that has been looked at. Now that computers are “evolving” the amount of things they can do with games also increases. As c...

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