Confidentiality And Dignity In Healthcare: A Definition Of Person Centred Care

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Person Centred Care (PCC) is an important integrity in care, it develops patient- nurse relationship, enables increase in patient’s healthcare, development and satisfaction in the care provided. Research proves that modern day health care has incorporated the notion of patient-centred practise and empowerment regardless substantial encounters which hinders carrying out PCC in clinical practice (Ekman et al, 2011). To achieve a subsequent experience for a patient, routines need to be established to safeguard, initiate and incorporate consistency in practice. So, this essay will explore the definition of PCC, discuss four examples in context to PCC such as Communication, Confidentiality, Choice, and treating patients with dignity and respect.…show more content…
Therefore, dignity deals with the feelings of individuals that is; how they think, conduct themselves, their self-esteem in context to how the value themselves or others around them. Hence, treating a patient with dignity is to visualise the patient as an individual and not a task in a way that exhibits respect to boost their self- confidence and value in the care provided. In care settings, dignity could either be encouraged or diminished due to situations such as the environment, culture; religious beliefs and behaviours of health care professionals. Providing dignity is an effective way to make patients feel comfortable and have the ability to take decisions but without dignity patients feel devalued and lack control. Therefore the nursing team should treat patients in any care status with dignified care and should be continual after death (RCN 2008). Respect and self-esteem are integral mechanisms of dignity. That’s why they are intertwined and it’s very hard to detach one from the other. Respect has evolved overtime historically, rich people who were unwell were able to afford and be seen by a family doctor who knew the patient and families circumstances. But in the 21st century world and evolving technology, the discovery of person centred care and therapeutic relationship means that every patient needs to be provided with a high level of respect and treated with dignity in all forms for instance instead of referring to Patient X as “a sick person at ward 32” words such as “patient X with chest infection at ward 32” is used. Respect is demonstrated in various forms from one person to another due to up-bring or culture and through person centred care respect is acknowledged by realising the patients professional boundaries, choice, rights and beliefs. Giving a person respect because of his/her social class is
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