Importance Of Confidentiality In Health Care

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In every health care position keeping a clients’ personal information confidential is important in all areas. All health care providers are required to sign forms in an agreement and understanding of the rules and procedures on how to protect against disclosing a client’s health information. While dealing with confidential health informational employers are required to make sure is provide education on the laws and understanding of confidentiality, because the health care environment is always changing. To better prepare all staff for the risk of exposing a client’s confidential information without consent. Even though a client’s privacy is protected by law, the confidentiality agreement can be breached, that is why it is important
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We all deal with confidentiality in all aspects of life, it can either build trust or cause a break in that trust that was once created. Healthcare professionals are here to provide care for their clients and not pass judgment on them. Where there are positive outcomes in regards to being confidential there is negative outcomes as well. According to (Israel and Hay, 2006:77-94), confidentiality is important in regards to being ethical in every place of employment. Having that professionalism to respect a client by not disclosing their personal information to unauthorized individuals is very important in regards to having a successful health facility. It is also important to keep confidential information secure because it affects the client and the ethics of the health care providers and their facility’s. In the long run keeping or gaining reliable clients’ builds a business’s success…show more content…
There are federal and state laws in regards to privacy, consent and confidentiality (AACAP,2015).To protect and prevent unauthorized exposure of health information the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed in 1996 by congress to honor the agreement of confidentiality to the client in question. Confidential agreements are important when dealing with clients’ personal health information and keeping it private (Gill and Johnson, 2010; 160). One major way to prevent risks of exposure is the requirement that health care professionals get a signed consent form from the patient in which the personal information is about beforehand. For example; if I want my own personal medical records I have to sign a consent form giving my health care provider promotion to release my information to me. A patients’ consent is an important factor since the risk of exposure can happen. Since most health care facilities are working with Electronic medical records (EMR) systems the risks have changed. Due to constant evolving of technology and how personal health records are stored and transmitted employers must provide training to all authorized employees in regards of the importance of keeping health care information private. Since the risk of exposure can
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