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I chose to do my first concert report on Pearl Jam. The concert took place at Deer Creek the weekend after class started, so it was perfect timing to do this assignment. This was the first time I have seen Pearl, and I thought it was worthy of writing a report on.

If one has ever been a fan of Pearl Jam, they of course know that Eddie Vedder is the lead singer, and right beside him with his wicked lead guitar playing, Stone Gossard. The other guys on the strings are, Mike McCready on guitar, and Jeff Ament on bass. My favorite band player of any band is the drummer, and for Pearl Jam, this guy is Matt Cameron. He is the only unoriginal band member when they formed in 1991 and produced their first album, Ten. FYI, the original drummer for Pearl Jam was Dave Krusen.

I have always liked Pearl Jam, but was not expecting much of the show. I was not impressed by their last two albums, especially their most recent one, Binaural. But, I had always wanted to see them live, and I was still a big fan of their first four albums, so off I went to see Pearl Jam.

Their opening song was “Corduroy”, a song from their third album, Vitology. This is one of my personal favorites, because of simple reasons. I just like the words and the drums of the song. But I was not prepared for what I was about to hear. The beat of the drum bass was so deep, and the clash of the symbols was incredibly high. Every time I play th...

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