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  • George Bass

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    As I walked to the Daly Science Center from Benson Memorial with a stomach full of ridiculously expensive cheap food, I expected the lecture of Dr. Bass to be more or less of a rehashing of what he spoke to our class about earlier in the day, albeit with a few more and older people watching. My first surprise came as I opened the door of lecture hall 206 and saw all the students sitting on the stairs. I myself was relegated to sitting at the very top of the stairs, near the door, with other students

  • Sam Bass

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    Spencer Nottingham                                          11/25/99 Language Arts                                              Per 8 Sam Bass Two Column notes Location Guardians Biographical Information •     Sam Bass was born in the town of Mitchell Indiana on July 21, 1851. •     Later Bass Moved to the state of Texas where he took up the business of train robbing •     Sam's parents died when he was a youth, his mom Jane, in 1861, Dad Daniel, in 1864. •     Sam

  • Bass As A Game Bass: Behavior And Habits

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    commonly known as a game fish. “The largemouth bass is America’s favorite game fish” (The Behavior and Habits of Largemouth Bass). Originally it was found only East of the Mississippi river and South of the Great Lakes. It is recognizable by the olive green coloring accompanied by a dark stripe on each side. Their upper jaw does not stretch nearly as far as their lower jaw, which is the most distinguishing characteristic between them and the smallmouth bass. They average anywhere from three to ten pounds

  • The Electric Bass

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    The creation of the electric bass, or an electric guitar envisioned double bass, has revolutionized the way music is both written and performed and will continue to be a driving force behind virtually every genre of music. Even though the electric bass* can be seen as a necessary creation in order to match the ever-increasing volume of live music, especially rock, it can also be viewed as a breath of fresh air and new outlook on acoustic instruments. The electric bass has both physically and functionally

  • Bass Fishing 101

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    tree was the site of a recent battle between a monstrous black bass and me. A battle in which the big bass taught me a valuable lesson in humility. I have a lot more respect for her and her kind. She never gave up the fight at any time during our encounter. Her fierce determination eventually paid off and she swam away in victory. So now, I visit that spot now and then, not really wanting to catch her, but perhaps just to say hello. Bass fishing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember

  • Bass Guitar: Origins

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    Bass Guitar: Origins In terms of guitars, the bass guitar is one of the “newest” instruments. The bass guitar, however obvious it may seem, was not derived from the guitar. Electrical guitars were created from acoustic guitars, while bass guitars were actualized from the double bass instrument. These instruments were at first known as electrical bass instruments or the electric bass. The double bass instruments are colossal classical instruments that have been around for hundreds of years

  • History of the Electric Bass Guitar

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    Bass Guitar The most famous Bassist in the world is Sir Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney is a former band member of The Beatles. The first electric bass guitar was introduced in the 1930s by a man named Paul Tutmarc from Seattle, Washington. The first models of electric bass guitars were Model 736 Bass Fiddle. The company only made one hundred of these guitars. The electric bass guitar consists of a neck and body, and the bridge, tuners, pickups, strings, and amplification makes this instrument

  • Descriptive Essay- Describing Bass Guitar

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    object a few ways. Depending on what that object is, you have to decide on the best manner of analyzing it. If you were describing a musical instrument like a bass or guitar, the physical description might be sufficient. However, to a musician there's a lot more to it. Sitting in a music stand in the corner of a room right now is a bass. This bass looks very simple to the eye, but actually has a lot more detail than you think. To the normal eye, someone sees a smooth body shape with a long wooden neck

  • Sam Bass: Robin Hood or Thief?

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    house, the cold ground is your bed. All of your “friends” have vanished, your canteen is dry, and if you go into town, you will surely be shot. Once you go wrong, you can’t go back, because you’re wanted. Dead or alive. Sam Bass was born to Daniel and Elizabeth Jane Sheeks Bass on July 21, 1851 near a small town called Mitchell, Indiana. He had a normal early childhood, if you exclude the fact that he did not attend school. This was normal for children in the mid-1800’s, because school was not yet

  • Saul Bass, The Screenwriter of Design

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    students of design. One of the students was Saul Bass (1920 - 1996). Born in New York, Bass developed an interest in design and illustrations. Studying at the Arts Student League and under Gyorgy Kepes of Brooklyn College, Bass mastered the theory of Russian Constructivism and Bauhaus Design. Though he started his work in New York it was later in Los Angeles where his career flourished. In California he was recognized by the Director Otto Preminger who hired Bass to design the poster for his movie called