Computer Misuse Case Study

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Computer misuse act The Computer Misuse Act was introduced in 1990 and is designed to protect people and companies from computer misuse. Before the Computer Misuse Act was introduced in 1990 there was no law to prevent computer misuse meaning nothing could be done to stop hackers. This caused hacking to become more and more popular as the problem became more severe it was realised that something had to be done to stop hackers so in 1990 the Computer Misuse Act was passed. This new Act made it an offence to Change or modify information on a computer you don’t own without the permission of the owner (this involves altering data, removing data or adding something to a computer without permission), Accessing a computer without permission or accessing…show more content…
For example, if a train driver noticed that the train tracks were in a dangerous condition you would like to think that they had ample opportunity to report the problem without the fear of losing their job. In a 2007 study it was found that 70% of the population supported whistleblowing in the workplace and 40% of them said that they would be more likely to work for a company that supported it. Personal ethics of whistle blowing Within a business it can be difficult for an employee to blow the whistle on their company often they will be torn between their loyalty to the company and the moral obligation to report them. Many of them also fear that if they report the company they may lose their job but as long they are confident in the system they should not be worried about reporting the information they have gathered. Business ethics on…show more content…
However, there are still moral and ethical issues surrounding employing people that have disabilities for example it can be costly for a business to install wheelchair friendly ramps or elevators. Ethically the business should not be concerned about how someone’s disability could affect the business but the business will consider it. For example, a call centre may not want to employ someone with a speech impediment as it could impact customer support but under the Equality Act they would have the same rights as anyone
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