Discrimination Against the Disabled

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It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but our society today lacks to understand that. In today’s time different is not accepted, people that are different are discriminated, looked down upon and usually picked on. People with disabilities are seen as different creatures by most people, the disabled don’t choose to be the way they are, but still our society alienates them. There are different types of disabilities, some type of disabilities are; mental disability, physical disability, learning disability and socializing disability. These disabilities are seen as weakness in our society that hence contribute to the stereotype that leads to the discrimination against the disabled. • There are a significant number of people who instinctively hate the disabled, although it is disgusting to behold such behaviour, it is not incomprehensible. • Deep in our idea of ourselves is a picture of what human beings are supposed to be like. This is physical as well as moral. If people deviate notably from the norm, many find it unsettling. • The fact that the disabled are different than normal, results in discrimination against them. • If people themselves are on the margins of society, they may wish to assert their own strength by taking it out on those even lower in the pecking order. • Usually men admit that they regard mental handicap as a disqualification from the human race. • Psychological and cultural influences, are also a reason for unease with the disabled. • “Usefulness, efficiency and power", people who lack those qualities are made to feel that their lives are not worth living.” Analysis and Summary: This informa... ... middle of paper ... ...the society and economy as a whole because the disabled people aren’t contributing to the economy. People with disabilities can have a negative impact on family relationships, which can lead to affect the society. In addition, this resource was very helpful because it provided statistical facts to prove that how the disabled are being affected, which in results affects the society. Works Cited Moore, Charles. "A Terrible Truth: It's Natural to Pick on the Weak." The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group, 25 Oct. 2010. New Article. 11 Jan. 2014. Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania. Hobart. Factsheet. Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania., 16 Jan. 2012. Web. 10 Jan. 2014. Sobsey, Dick. "A Background Paper Prepared for The Premier's Council on The Status of Persons with Disabilities (Alberta)." Euthanasia & People with Disabilities. University of Alberta. Web. 11 Jan. 2014.