Comparing Julius Caesar And Abraham Lincoln

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Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln are undeniably two men who made history through their leadership expeditions on their respective nations. When comparing the two, one key aspect of how they made history comes into mind: their assassination. Hence, comparing the assassination of an American president to that of Julius Caesar reveals both similarities and differences. Ultimately, the major of comparing the two is through the similarity between the two assassinations. In this case, they were carried out by people who disagreed with Lincoln and Caesar’s authority and power, and how they used this power and authority. In most modern and ancient histories, Julius Caesar is considered a demagogue and a dictator. If so, then Caesar’s assassination was an act of defending the republic. The perpetrators of this act called themselves the liberators who were led by Junius Brutus and Cassius Longinus. As documented by Nicolaus of Damascus, many plans had been laid out by the group. The liberators never met in the open but held their meetings in each other’s houses a few at a time (Alvin 31). There were many proposals and discussions as they investigated the best means of executing their plans. Some suggested that they should execute Caesar when he was talking his usual walks down the Sacred Way. Another suggestion laid out by the group members involved assassinating Caesar at the elections where he would have crossed a bridge prior to appointing magistrates to the Maritus Campus. This plan would have had them drawing lots to push him off the bridge and others waiting below to kill him. In addition, there was a third plan that involved conducting the act at a gladiatorial show. The main advantage of this scene was that the show allowed carry... ... middle of paper ... ...w that Caesar possessed was his strong ambition. This made him overconfident and thought he had become invincible both in Rome and battle. Because his soldiers respected and loved him, Caesar thought that he would pursue whatever he desired. This is what led to his demise. Conclusively, both Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln are men renowned for their roles that made significant influences in the shaping of Rome and the United States. A number of aspects can be used to compare the two, but the fact that the two were assassinated by people against their use of authority is the ideal mode of comparison. President Lincoln was assassinated for his support on black equal rights and the end of slavery. His act was noble, but the society at that time was stubborn to comprehend such change. On the other hand, Caesar’s assassination came down to his abuse of office and power.

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