The Civil War: Why Was The Civil War Inevitable?

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Julius Caesar is well-known for being the Roman general and statesman who turned the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire ( Editors). The Civil War in Rome was essentially inevitable. During the years 49-45B.C the Civil War began for a variety of reasons. Some issues that lead to the Civil War were government issues, crossing the Rubicon and the power of the Roman citizens. Throughout my essay I will explain in detail the reasons why the Roman Civil War was no longer an option and why it had to happen.
The beginning of problems for the Roman Republic began when their government started having issues. When the government started having issues, they revolved around Pompey and Caesar,
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Crossing the Rubicon was the first act of war against Pompey. By crossing the Rubicon, Caesar no longer had an option but to attack Rome. Caesar tried to collect a fleet quickly to cross the sea and beat Pompey before he was able to strengthen his ships (Civil Wars by Julius Caesar). Once Caesar crossed the Rubicon, the Civil War officially started, leaving Caesar with no option but to continue fighting against Pompey and attacking Rome. However, the war was not only about who would remain in power, but also how the state would be ran, and everything about its future. The soldiers and citizens were not only continuing to fight because Caesar crossed the Rubicon, but also to support the leader whose political views were similar to there’s. Thus, creating an army of troops and supporters behind each leader, forcing them to continue…show more content…
However, Caesar had the approval of many citizens in Rome, which gave him more power of Pompey. Most citizens of Rome wanted him to run the Republic instead of Pompey, therefore, they supported and even encouraged his battle against Pompey. By having more power, he was essentially more easily persuaded to cross the Rubicon with his troops. Doing so, he crossed the Rubicon and began the fight due to the power of the people. Once he crossed the Rubicon, he was hailed as a hero (Civil Wars by Julius Caesar) and was persuaded to continue fighting for power in Rome. With Caesar’s army of troops growing and the support rising, he felt he had no choice but to continue fighting for power over Pompey. However, Pompey also had supporters on his side, making the battle longer and more difficult. Obviously you can not stop a war in the middle of The civil war lasted four years and Caesar eventually won power of Rome over
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