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For thousands of years people have been talking about the great powerful Caesar. He is one of the greatest known dictators known to people today mostly because of all of the things he was able to accomplish during his rein as emperor. After reading primary sources about Caesar, it has given me a better understanding of what other people thought of him during this time period. It’s safe to say that Caesar was obsessed with power and respect from other people that would explain his thirst for war and land, which is one of his greatest strengths and helped in making Rome a great empire.
First of all, Caesar always felt entitled to himself and always had the audacity to see everyone as beneath him. A great example of Caesar’s bravery and fearlessness is when he was eighteen and was escape the punishment from the dictator Sulla, so in the process he was captured by pirates, who decided to be help for ransom. “When they demanded twenty talents for his ransom, he laughed at them for not knowing who he was, and spontaneously promised to give them fifty talents instead, Next after he had dispatched friends to various cites to gather the money…he felt so superior to them that whenever he wanted to sleep, he would order them to be quiet” . Even being surrounded by murderous pirates clearly out numbered, he refused to let them think that they were in charge while he was in their captivity for thirty-eight days.
Afterwards, Caesar’s friends came around to pay the ransom and the pirates, they released him to go and spend their money as they wish. But that didn’t mean it was over for Caesar; after the pirates ran away they were captured and put in prison for their crime at the hand of Caesar. “Caesar [then] took the pirates out of prison and...

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...e him a better dictator. One of his greatest traits was that he was able to rule with an iron fist, but in my opinion I don’t think he abused his power since all he was trying to do was make Rome a huge and dominant empire. Obviously people who didn’t know him too well didn’t understand him, which made him appear as a scary and ruthless ruler, but even Cicero was able to change his mind about Caesar before the Gallic war was over. In the end, Caesar was one of the best dictators our world has ever seen.

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