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One huge problem that exists with cell phones is the battery life. It is quite frustrating to try to carry out a task only to realize that battery indicator on your phone is blinking to let you know there isn't much time before it dies. It's also not always feasible to charge the phone either through an outlet in the wall or with a car charger. In circumstances such as these it's important to know ways that will help save on your battery life and extend the time that you are able to use it not only by minutes but maybe even hours as well. Avoid too many 3rd Party Apps on your iphone 4 Among the best features that you will uncover on the iPhone 4 is that it has the capacity to run applications that further extend the abilities that it has. …show more content…

If your display is brighter than you are going to end up using much more. If you are uncertain of how to achieve this it is a rather simple procedure. Just go into your settings and then choose the brightness option to reduce how bright everything appears. Except you are in bad lighting, it is unnecessary to possess it up incredibly higher. Eliminate the GPS Feature on your iPhone 4 GPS can be very useful but at the same time it is a massive drain on your battery which isn't able to handle too much action at once. Only utilize it when you're going to need it for something such as directions or locating a business around you. This is simple to turn off similar to the brightness by going to settings and then common. It is not titled as GPS but instead listed beneath location companies. Disable the Wifi Feature on your iPhone 4 Wifi is yet another thing that is automatically enabled and as a result it'll constantly attempt to find networks around the phone. These, and many other options, are available to edit via the settings region. Using these simple tips you'll find your phone's battery life to be prolonged very a

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