Compare And Contrast Samsung And Galaxy

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Computer System Comparison: IPhone vs. Galaxy Today, almost every American has a smartphone. The two mega-corporations that have undoubtedly destroyed their competitors are Samsung and Apple. Apple has been widely known for all products such as Mac books, IPods, IPads, and especially their IPhones. Samsung is also widely known for similar products i.e. laptops, tablets, music players, and their best seller the Galaxy. The question whether to purchase a Samsung or apple smart phone has been a modern problem since the two companies were created. Most people never experimenting or changing sides from their first loves. Apple coming out with IPhones first have a bit of a larger fan base, I believe this is just because they don’t want to stray from their first buy. For years there really hasn’t been much to compare between the two with the design, apps, storage etc., being so similar, but that is about to change. With the new Samsung Galaxy S6/ S6 edge and IPhone 6 released there are some notable differences. Design. The design of the Samsung Galaxy has finally made its way to …show more content…

It is important for all of us busy people on the go to have a phone that can keep up. The IPhone 6 is equipped with 1810 mAh non removable battery. The Galaxy 6 also has a non- removable battery coming in at 2550 mAh, but has the option of wireless charging. Just by seeing the numbers there is already a clear winner here and that is Samsung. They have a much bigger battery that lasts much longer than Apple’s phone and plus wireless charging? How cool! Although there is no competition between phones Apple has made many improvements with its battery. Both phones will keep you going all day if you are not streaming live videos or music for hours, but the recharge poses a difference. While apple takes about three and a half hours to charge from zero to a hundred percent the Galaxy only takes an hour tops. But again, wireless charging? I would not recommend passing that

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