Compare And Contrast Apple And Samsung Galaxy

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Samsung phones for years has been upping the technology increase in their phones for people to have better usage of them so it will be forever entertaining and attention grabbing. The latest phone Samsung has to offer is the Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge. It is more cunning, sleeker, and easier to use ever than before; although, you will always have a rival creeping around the corner. The creeping rival is Apple’s latest phone, the iPhone 7 Plus. Both phones came out to be sold respectively with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Galaxy S7 for short) being released in March of this year ( , Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ) and the iPhone 7 Plus being released in September of this year (, paragraph 2). Both phones compete almost on every level almost…show more content…
With the Galaxy S7 you can do all of the above with ease with just a click of the camera. The dual camera from the iPhone 7s can come close to the feats of the Galaxy but still cannot match it nor surpass it. They are open to try it on their next upgrade. At the time and age of the iPhone and Samsung’s cellular generations, they have gone from being small and bulky to thin and sleek devices, but the Galaxy S7 still beats the iPhone 7 Plus to the punch line. There are major differences in the extremities of the two phones structures, having their own signature, but for one the signature keeps going and it’s getting very old. The iPhone 7 plus did not change the design of the look, making it look identical to the other generations that came before it, sparking no creativity in the design field from the tech leaders of Apple (, EverythingApplePro, 10 Reasons NOT To Buy iPhone 7/7 Plus). The Galaxy S7’s design is new and futuristic, plummeting the iPhone 7 Plus into a sinkhole because of its constant, almost inevitable, physical look. The Galaxy S7 has gorilla glass on the front screen, making it almost incapable of breaking the screen after an…show more content…
Around the iPhone 7 Plus you still have those uncomfortable bezels which makes it impossible for people with small hands to operate the phone with one hand. With the Galaxy the thin design is much easier and a person with small hands is much more capable to maneuver the phone with one hand. With the camera, iPhone has not changed the bulky back camera to concave in the flat surface so it makes the back of the phone feel slightly uneven; although, with the Galaxy S7 the designers flattened the camera from the very last generation which was previously the Galaxy 7 (, Android Authority, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review). So it can see almost instantly who is adaptive to change very quickly from one generation to the next. Audio is superb with the Galaxy s7 experience. It is ideal that when video recording on a cellular device all hearing experience is expected when the recording is played back. The Galaxy S7 captures all of the surroundings, making it fuller than the mini focused audio on the iPhone 7 Plus. The surround sound from the video recording from the Galaxy S7 has the person consumed by what is taking place in the video as if the person was there (,, Real-Life Camera Test: Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs

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