Coaching Process As A Coaching Process

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With the increasing of obese patients and society gradually concerned about sports levels, it is becoming essential about different participants to develop a team or individual coaching process.
The aim of this project was to discuss what coaching process is and how it works.In addition, being a good coach the main criteria are in terms of both management and extensive knowledge.This report also behaves on my own experience to respond to the coaching process as a coach.including coaching philosophy and coaching behavior.
A description of the coach and an analysis of efficiency for each participant are followed by a comparison of the coaching process. Finally, the most cost-efficient plan that according to my personal opinion is recommended.

Coaching process

Basically, the coaching process is driven by feedback. The content and aims of the process are based on the advantages and potential of the participants, also according to their space for development. …show more content…

Identify goals and lead the plan to achieve these goals imagine all the possibilities of training and competition.In addition to empowering athletes to make decisions, good to train their independent thinking.
Coaches will guide and discuss with the athlete to consider many options, and to train the athlete's autonomy and choice, giving an evaluation or positive judgment. Custom action steps. These steps are outlined to illustrate how one person achieves their goals.
Resources and other notes were also identified. Coaches also need to evaluate the results.
Furthermore, communication used to upgrade the performance of the athlete.As to build up a great language and understanding between the coach and the team or individual.''Being an effective communication is a distinguishing characteristic of expert coaches''(Bloom

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