Co-ed versus Same Sex Physical Education Classes

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Before title IX girls were not given the same opportunities as boys in physical education classes. They were not taught to perform skills as advances as boys, so tile IX changed that and made co-ed physical education classes. This gave girls and boys the same opportunities because they were actually participating together in the same class period. Even though it was a positive thing that girls were receiving the same attention the boys were receiving, it changed the way that both sexes acted as well as preformed in their classes for multiple reasons. The opposite sex can have an effect on one another, which causes more distractions and more attention is seeked from both sexes. Co-ed physical education also brings out male superiority, which can have a negative effect because the girls will then feel less dominate and will be much less likely to participate. On the other hand, with same sex physical education classes students are more likely to stay focused as well as be more competitive with their peers, more so than co-ed schools because they do not have to worry about impressing the opposite sex or being embarrassed. Co-ed and same sex physical education classes both have positive and negative effects because students are influenced by their peers around them and do not always perform the way they would if they were not with the opposite sex.

Traditionally boys and girls were taught separately in physical education classes in the past. This gave males an advantage because they were better taught and had access to better equipment than females did (Siedentop 286). When title IX was passed, co-ed physical education classes became mandatory to give both males and females the same opportunities in physical education clas...

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...-ed and same sex physical education classes both have positive and negative effects on students. Co-ed classes give students the equal opportunity to learn the same skills as the opposite sex but also cause conflict. Girls are less likely to participate and give a 100 percent effort if boys are involved in the same game. Boys are also more likely to act out and play more aggressive if girls are around because they want to show off and get attention from the teacher. Same sex physical education classes were better for students because the students were able to focus more and have fewer distractions. The students were more focused on their work and became more competitive with their schoolwork as well as in physical education class. Physical education has changed because of title IX and has brought new opportunities to co-ed physical education classes.
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