Effects Of Gender Segregation In Schools

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How does gender segregation effect students in school? Many countries believe that separating genders in schools helps to make a better atmosphere and better academically. There are many advantages have been shown for single-sex schooling. It has been shown that the differences of the performance in school subjects can differ from boys to girls, many supporters believe that gender segregation in education helps increase the academic interests. Teachers have been attending training to learn how to teach girls and boy. Girls and boys supposed naturally different ways of learning (Gurian, Stevens, & Daniels, 2009). Many public schools support the segregation in education in the other hand there are some private schools support the gender…show more content…
Girls find it as an encouragement to compete with other girls to be successful, gender segregation can play a big role in boys and girls in education, more over gender segregation can lead to many issues importantly peer pressure. Lyon (2011) writes that Schools who have attempted to institute gender segregated classrooms have often seen an overall decrease in test scores. Not only peer pressure can play a negative roll but it can play a positive role in to students' academic success. On the upside, peer pressure can certainly be a positive influence that can motivate and challenge a person to do their best (Inspire Foundation, 2005).

Nevertheless, gender stereotyping can affect students in both genders, girls tend to be more shy and quiet, separating genders in schools can benefit both genders, and in fact boys and girls can be more confident to be able to activate and participate with their atmosphere and to take leadership and big roles in activities and other. Classrooms that do not include males are more supportive of girl's academic achievements in counter stereotypic domains (Shapka &Keating, 2003). School segregation can strengthen stereotypes in result of not being competed by others
In other words being in a challenge can enhance our social skills and make girls and boys be able to face the world and experience many different situations to increase our
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