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Child protective services (CPS) is a particular social service provided by the Department of Human Resources. It has for mission to respond and investigate child maltreatment, to protect children from abuse and neglect, to keep families together as possible and reconciling children with their parents when the issues that led to abuse or neglect are solved, and look for a place of stability for the children who cannot be reunified. Fulfilling this mission has place demand to the agency to have strategic staffing, recruitment and retention practices in response to the growing, changing in the workforce; especially with diversity, which has gained increasing attention over the past year and the impacts of Affirmative Action and Equal…show more content…
Furthermore, we will evaluate the agency’s approach to ethics and diversity training programs, and lastly make some recommendations in the area of recruiting and training a diversified workforce. Laws affecting the Child Protective Services Child Protective Services, like many other States agencies, is increasingly evaluating human resource managers on their ability to sustain effective employee relations, as failure to equally and lawfully treat or even hire workers can expose the agency to action such as lawsuits, or stain the agency reputation. So, to avoid those issues, the agency’s personnel management complies with the Maryland Code of Fair Employment Practices, which states, just to cite few, that personnel’s action concerning any employee or applicant for hiring will be taken on the basis of merit and suitability. Also, employees hiring procedure should be done without regard of age, color, gender identity, genetic information, race, race, religious, sex or sexual…show more content…
Tony, social worker, 2015). However, despite complying to laws that address unlawful actions in the workforce, many issues still need to be addressed especially for LGBT workers. Personnel Recruitment and Hiring Practices. Recruitment and hiring are activities that have the most critical impacts in agencies’ performance, and human resource managers are called to attract and retain the best- qualified candidates who will be able to meet the agencies’ goals effectively. Today, more than ever before, we live in the dynamic of the mix of different cultures, races, lifestyles, sex orientation and more. So, it is important for agencies to have workers that represent that diversity, and as Tony, social workers are called to advocate for vulnerable populations and unfortunately the LGBT community is still vulnerable in our society (O. Tony, social worker, 2015). So, Social Protective Service should address LGBT in the recruitment and hiring practices to avoid discriminatory action during the hiring process, and train recruiters to not only

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