Child Development Through Education

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Child Development Through Education

One important aspect of any person’s life is their education. Children start with their education as early as the age of three. They are put into some form of schooling. The general pattern of schooling for all children is preschool, elementary school, middle school, highschool, and some may choose to go on to college. Each level of schooling is very important for its own particular reasons. The entire education process plays a vital role in each individual’s life.

People grow emotionally, socially, psychologically, and intellectually throughout their childhood and adolescent years. Factors that lead to this are their enrollment in school, the people they come in contact with through school and the success they achieve over the years. Each level of education will be examined and the development of a child through each of these stages will be further explained.

Children can be labeled the term preschoolers when they are between the ages of three and five. Even though they still seem like babies, this is a time when all young children are most rapidly growing and going through many changes in all areas of development. Most motor skills are mastered. They start to cognitively understand classes and relationships. They absorb an abundant amount of information about their

social and physical worlds. At the early childhood stage, the cognitive development is

language acquisition. This involves both oral and written communication. Physical

development is of large and small muscle groups. Large muscle development is the

development of motor skills such as running or throwing, which involve the limbs and

large muscles (Slavin). Small muscle development is the development of dexteri...

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...wer kids show up late for class (Hopkings). With all this information

documented it shows the true importance of parent involvement in education. The more

involved the parents are, the better off each child will be.

Throughout the years spent in schooling, a lot of changes occur. The development process is particular for the many stages throughout one’s education.

Each level builds on developments from the previous level. Support from family, friends,

teachers and fellow classmates is needed for the proper development of each individual.

Because this process takes up much of your childhood and early adult life, it

makes it even more important to get off to a good start at a young age. Each child

should be given the opportunity to go to preschool and continue through high school.

Support is needed all the way through in order to reach success.
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