Causes of World War II

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The road to World War II was built by several different causes. Under Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, Germany had desire to expand and dominate over most of Europe. This expansionism could be seen in Germany’s allies too. Japan set its eyes on China, and Italy set its eyes on Northern Africa. Hitler also ignored many of the agreements under the Treaty of Versailles, and begun breaking the treaty more and more up until the start of World War II. Unfortunately he couldn’t be stopped, a policy of “Appeasement” from the League of Nations allowed Germany to build an army and begin the annexation of its European neighbors. This policy of appeasement was accompany by the belief that collective security would pull through. If all the nations banded together and declared collective security, no other country would dare attack. Unfortunately when Germany and her allies did attack, collective security proved useless. Ultimately the policies of appeasement, the belief that collective security would work, and the over aggression of the Axis forces would lead to the start of World War II.

Germany, Hitler, and the Nazis were a major cause of World War II. Adolf Hitler was not a terrorist. He was legally appointed to Chancellor of Germany in January of 1933, and was very open about his ideas. He, along with the National Socialist Germany Worker’s Party (better known as the Nazi Party) , held very strongly onto hyper-nationalist values. This included the belief that the German race was superior above all and was highly anti-Semitic. These beliefs were fueled by the aftermath of World War I and the Treaty of Versailles. Most Germans would agree that the Treaty put very harsh punishments onto Germany. They were hit very, very hard by the reparation...

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... country was strong enough or willing to get involved. It was Selassie who said, “God and history will remember your judgement... it is us today. It will be you tomorrow.” One could take Selassie’s words as a statement about how ineffective collective security if if nobody gets involved, as nobody is willing to defend one another.

It seemed that war would have been inevitable. The road to World War II was paved with inaction and extreme nationalism. World War II was a direct outcome of World War I, as was proven by the German reaction to the very harsh Treaty of Versailles. Axis aggression and the Grand Alliance’s policies of Appeasement were not a good mixture. Adolf Hitler proved that his thirst for German conquests would not be appeased. He would continue his push even into Poland, when the world finally stood up for itself in hopes to defeat the Axis forces.
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