Were Hitler's Actions The Main Cause Of World War Two

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Were Hitler’s actions the main cause of World War Two? World War Two began on the 3rd of September 1939 when Germany invaded Poland, however Adolf Hitler had made a number of actions before this date that are directly responsible for the outbreak of what is bloodiest war in human history. Although there were a number of causes of World War Two, Hitler’s actions were the most important. Hitler’s actions can be broken down into three different points. Firstly, Hitler’s military actions such as the rearmament of Germany and the German assistance in the Spanish Civil War were major causes of the war. Secondly, Hitler’s breaking of The Munich Agreement and finally, Hitler’s invasion of Poland, which many historians believe to be the main trigger for The Second World War. Many of Hitler’s actions can be traced back to being a direct cause of World War Two. Hitler made a number of Military actions that can be attributed to him being the major cause of World War Two. The two main actions are the rearmament of Germany and the assistance his country provided in the Spanish Civil War. Hitler secretly began the rearmament of the German armed forced in 1932, this was in direct violation of The Treaty of Versailles. “Navy: 30 warships (1932) - 95 (1939) Air Force: 36 Aircraft (1932) - 8,250 (1939) Soldiers: 100,000 men (1932) - 950,000 (1939)” These statistics show a dramatic increase in the military power that Germany had. The increase in strength gave Hitler more confidence and power over other countries most importantly Germany’s smaller neighbours. “Hitler felt confident enough to publicly announce that there would be compulsory military conscription in Nazi Germany and that the army would be increased to 550,000 men.” The reintroductio... ... middle of paper ... ...ows that because of Hitler’s previous actions that made him overconfident he started a World War. The actions of Adolf Hitler the Führer of the German Empire are the main causes for the starting of World War Two. The military actions of Germany such as rearming of the German forces, which increased Hitler’s power and confidence dramatically as did the assistance Germany provided during The Spanish Civil War. The breaking of The Munich Agreement by Hitler was also a very important cause because it made the other powers realise that Hitler could not keep his word and did not want peace. Finally Hitler’s overconfidence that he could invade Poland without starting a war was on of his most important actions as it the trigger point for the Second World War. As a result of Hitler’s actions millions of lives were lost and the entire world would never be the same again.
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