Causes And Effects Of Social Media

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Social Media
Social media refers to the social interaction whereby people create and share information in the virtual communities and networks (Appel 2012, p.1340).Appel goes ahead to define social media as a group of the internet based applications that normally build on the technological and ideological foundations. It is worth noting that social media normally depends on the mobile and web based technologies in an attempt to create highly interactive platforms between individuals and communities. They normally introduce substantial and the pervasive changes in the communication between individuals and communities. Normally, social media differ from the traditional or industrial media in various ways such as quality, usability, immediacy and ultimately permanency. Research shows that internet users continue to use the internet more and more for exploring social media sites compared to other sites. Currently, social media has gone beyond social sharing, and it involves bringing opportunities and monetary income altogether (Appel 2012, p. 1342). Social networks are categorized into different groups
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The addiction causes people to be attached to facebook just as if it is a friend or a relative. Such cases have produced negative effects especially in the workplace, where ONE cannot be productive enough, and all they do is tweeting and face booking. The gadget that he or she is using to surf the internet determines the approximate time that a youth may spend on the internet. Those individuals who have 4G and 3G devices are the most affected since they use heavily influence others using them. As mentioned above, addiction contributes to reduced productivity and eventually obsession. Once obsessed it is difficult to any meaningful activity (Benady,

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