Addiction Of All Forms Will Affect Relationships

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Addiction of all forms will affect relationships. Addictions varying from social media addiction, pornography addiction, or drug addiction will affect relationships no matter what the user does. The individuals surrounding a person who is addicted to anything will feel some impact from the person who is addicted. Other people might believe otherwise. They might believe that addictions can be harmless if properly controlled, but there is no way that could possibly be true. Addiction of all forms will have a heavy negative impact on the people around the person who is addicted.
Internet addiction is a more current addiction as compared to drug addiction. The percentage of people using drugs consecutively and for recreational purposes are dropping whereas the percentage of internet users has sharply increased in the last couple years and those same users are staying on the internet longer than before. Some might say that the internet is a drug for all ages. As the great Doctor, David Greenfield of the University of Connecticut said: “When people are afraid of not having their PDA or phones with them, then it is addictive”(Evangelista 1). What Doctor Greenfield said here definitely made sense according to the most current generation as that most people need their phones to survive socially. Some people will become extremely paranoid and distracted if their phones are not present with them. They will feel socially abandoned. The fact that they cannot update their social media about what
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... components of addiction can bring the family closer. The end result could be a healthier, happier, and stronger marriage than before due to the new and deep bond between the partners. Or a stronger family trust in a way that everyone will be open to talking about their feelings.
Another opposition is that porn addiction does not hurt relationships at all. Evidence from a study shows that men who watch light to extreme amounts of pornography are significantly more tolerant and accepting of women than of men who never match pornography at all. Pornography does not make men more masculine or misogynistic in any way.
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In conclusion, the act of being addicted to any substance or action does affect relationships negatively. Whether it is an addiction to social media, pornography, or drugs, these addictions will affect the addict 's relationships in a negative way.

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