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This essay will focus on exploring the following topics: 1. Cause related marketing 2. Cause related marketing within the charity sector 3. Cause related marketing within the (RED) campaign 4. Customer behaviour 5. Customer behaviour within the charity sector 6. Customer behaviour within the (RED) campaign Cause related marketing will explore this type of marketing, its adversaries and opponents. It will also explore the phenomenon of charity related products within this type of marketing. 3.2 WHAT IS CAUSE RELATED MARKETING? CRM is defined as marketing involving a cooperative effort of a “for profit” company and a non-profit organization, resulting in mutual benefit. CRM is different from corporate giving as it is not necessarily a one-time donation and is not tax deductible. CRM was first seen in a campaign in 1976 through the partnership of the Marriott Corporation and the March of Dimes charity. ( The Marriott’s overall objective of this partnership was to create major publicity and marketing awareness for the opening of their 200-acre family entertainment centre, Marriott’s Great America in Santa Clara, CA. They wanted to have over 2 million visitors in the first year of their family center. The March of Dimes saw it as a way to increase awareness and fundraising for their pledge walks in the western states region of American by the end of the deadline. The marketing campaigns was launched in 67 cities, in 17 western states offering participants the chance to win trips to Great America Centre for the walker who brought the most sponsorship in by the deadline. An additional perk was that the winners could bring 100 of their friends with them to the opening of Great America;... ... middle of paper ... ... Cooperative sales promotion: An idea whose time has come. The Journal of Consumer Marketing,3(1), 15–33. Varadarajan, P.R., & Menon, A. (1988). Cause-Related Marketing: A coalignment of marketing strategy and corporate philanthropy. Journal of Marketing, 52(3), 58–74. Williams, Brian. (2006). Bono, bobby shriver hope americans see red. MSNBC, Retrieved from Yin, R.K. (2003). Case study research: Design and methods (3rd ed.). Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications. Yin, R. K. (1984). Case study research: Design and methods. Newbury Park, CA: Sage. WEBSITES (2010). Retrieved from (2010). Retrieved from (2010). Retrieved from (2010). Retrieved from Product red fact sheet. (2006). Retrieved from

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