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  • American Express

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    American Express began as a freight forwarding company in the 1850s, then repositioned as a travel agency, a financial and consulting services company. By recognizing that technology has changed the way people communicate and transact with one another, American Express understands the scope and role of internet technology on the travel market. The corporation turned itself into the booming sector of online services and became an interactive business player in a wide array of services. Today, American

  • Analysis Of American Express

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    for American Express. Along with the examination of environments, an analysis of those environments and possible opportunities and threats will be further discussed. When analyzing the general environment of American Express, it will be covered in five sectors, which include demographics, technology, social-culture, economic and political-legal. "The competitive environment for AmEx is very challenging" (Associated Press, 2015); that is, there is a great deal of pressure on American Express. They

  • Taking a Look at American Express

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    American Express has become one of the leaders in credit and debit card transactions of the financial world. As the most innovative company in the business, they were the first to develop a large-scale traveller’s check. Over the years the company became more of a financial company and with the advent of consumer credit and debit cards they became a major player in supplying this service to it's members. American Express produced a niche market of "card members" to fit the needs of various financial

  • Term Paper- American Express

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    Introduction American Express is a worldwide, trusted, reliable company with an amazing history and founders. The company was an express delivery business, which grew to become one of the largest companies we know today. According to research, an express company was responsible for transporting valuable goods and money. American Express is world’s #1 travel service organization. They serve customers all over the globe with approximately 1,800 offices worldwide. American Express distinguishes themselves

  • American Express Interactive Case Analysis

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    American Express Interactive Case Analysis American Express (AXI) is a global travel, financial, and network services provider. Founded in 1850, the company provides individuals with charge and credit cards, Travelers Cheques and other stored value products. It also offers financial planning, brokerage services, mutual funds, insurance and other investment products. Through its family of Corporate Card services, American Express helps companies and institutions manage their travel, entertainment

  • History and Evolution of the American Express Company

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    businesses master. American Express Company, known similarly as AmEx/Amex, has been around since the mid-1850’s and continues to grow. With a global presence and financial products for just about everyone, AmEx continues to plow through the opposition, creating a path for everyone else to follow in. American Express Company American Express (AmEx) came into existence as an express mail business in Albany, NY during the 1850’s. Founded as a joint stock corporation by merging the express companies of

  • American Express and Its Tactics to Reach Out to Its Customers

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    and TV is dialed up on demand dictated by the consumers. Consumers are choosing how they want to interact with the environment on their turns. A trend that has created many challenges for companies that are seeking new customers. No longer do American Express has just a captive audience watching three networks or going to the mailbox as their only incoming source of information and correspondents. Consumers are choosing how they want to interface and interact. Marketers need to be where consumers

  • Measuring Customer Service at American Express

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    Measuring Customer Satisfaction at American Express American Express is a world wide travel related service company. American Express works with both consumers and business with their financial planning as well as offers numerous amounts of credit card products and travel assistance. They have many products and services that are used throughout the world by consumers and businesses. As American Express moves towards the future, like most credit card companies, they want to be competitive and responsive

  • Analysis of Marketing Techniques used by American Express

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    Techniques used by American Express American Express continues to attempt to expand its customer base, while at the same time trying to keep its reputation as a card of status. Its successful marketing tactics in the United States compared to the slow expansion into markets abroad show its lack of consideration of the differences of these markets. By preparing a more decisive plan as to what type of consumers to target and what products to push in each of its market areas, American Express could have

  • What Is The American Express Informative Speech

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    Daashon Eldridge Informative Speech- American Express My company, a company that can help make sure you leave with the service needed or product desired. You may use our product, your parents, and/or maybe even your grandparents may use our product. Who are we? Amex, better known as American Express. We strive to provide the customer service needed to help our patrons and to be a well respected brand. To start off, American Express is an international corporation that provides charge

  • African Americans Express Emotions

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    gave other African Americans the courage to stand up and tell how they felt. Conflict allows people to create unity, express emotions, and speaking opinions. The Civil Rights Movements conflict caused more good than bad, and allowed society to create unity, express emotions, and speak their opinions. The Civil Rights Movements conflict allowed society to express their emotions, but there was some bad that came out of that. African Americans should have freely been able to express their emotions. According

  • Classical Greek Architecture

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    examples can be seen throughout the day as one goes from place to place. Even when one is browsing through the World Wide Web can many uses of older art and architecture be seen, as with the example shown. This image was found on the internet at the American Express homepage (, which functions as a resource for college students to find access to many commercial advertisements about discounts and products relevant for students. This homepage caters mostly to students

  • American Express Architecture Essay

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    with the technology used in the infrastructure.” (P.180). In fact, America Express apply complex frameworks, “employing an enterprise architecture (EA), or the “blueprint” for all IS and their interrelationships in the firm.” (Pearlson, 2012, p. 180). Additionally, American Express architecture key components include using a standardized language and initiatives. Indeed, a standardize architecture has helped American Express improved the efficiency, maintenance for IT staff, and overall a consistent

  • The Powerbroker Summary

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    Business executive Kenneth Chenault has mandated the American Express financial services company for over a decade. Since 1981, Chenault has thrived within the Amex Company while maneuvering the company’s dynamics and withstanding his position in the depths of the economic financial crisis after 9/11. Chenault’s many great experiences and hardships have allowed him to become one of the world’s most prominent leaders, who runs one of the world’s most influential businesses. Kenneth Chenault graduated

  • credit card ethics

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    Competitive initiatives that could benefit consumers have been abandoned, delayed or suppressed. Consumer choice has been reduced, and competition among card networks has been substantially restrained”(American Express Company, 2000, 1). The suit is being issued by the DOJ, but clearly being driven by American Express and Discover respectively. These companies, the two remaining credit card brands that make up the main players in the industry, have much to gain in a judgement against Visa and MasterCard. To

  • Topography and Geographic Region Analysis for Tourists

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    Topography and Geographic Region Analysis for Tourists The natural landscape within the UK consists of a mainly flat land area. With the majority of England included in the flat land mass the major cities are populated close to the edge of the country or on the side of a national river to allow easy transport and access. In England we have a few higher peaks than sea level as the Pennines run through the north of the country from the east of the Cumbrian Mountains down to the south of the

  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Case Study

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    that it could become just another fad. From: Issue 35| June 2000 | Page 296 By: Tony Schwartz Illustrations by: Cynthia Von Buhler Appreciation, apprehension, defensiveness, inadequacy, intimidation, resentment. Twenty midlevel executives at American Express Financial Advisors are gathered in a room at a conference center outside Minneapolis. Each has been asked to try to convey a specific emotion -- by reading a particular statement aloud. The challenge for listeners is to figure out which emotion

  • The Pros and Cons of Internet Chat Rooms

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    The Pros and Cons of Internet Chat Rooms Computers have affected our lives in so many ways. To the way we finance things, to the way we find our future significant other. The outcomes of computers probably happen with in the last five years, give or take some. It had made people become in love with being in a virtual world and new people. That now in “real” life the people do not know how to act around not virtual people. In this report I plan to take a look at the pros and cons of meeting/talking

  • Booking Online Advantages And Disadvantages

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    as possible. When it comes to making travel plans for the company, using online resources instead of a travel agencies is now the more profitable option. Business travel is growing more and more every year as stated by McLaughlin (1995), “American Express Travel Services estimates that in 1994 U.S. companies spent $136 billion in travel, or an average of more than $3000 per employee -- three times what they did a decade ago” (p.1). Utilizing these resources will be way more effective and time

  • Emotional Scars

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    mind that will change him forever. He felt it was important for him to return to the scene of terror and knew he should not go alone the first time. As we turned the corner on Broadway at St. Paul's Chapel, we caught our first glimpse of the American Express Building. We both froze instantly. Standing but a stone's throw away, the floors where Aaron had been working looked like they had suffered repeated mortar attacks. Between us and the WFC, the twin towers once stood. Now their absence had become