Case Study: Tesla

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Page 1 Picture the future of the automobile world without any gasoline or toxic fumes filling up the air we breathe in every day. That is what came to mind when Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning proposed their partnership and invented the newest and most eco-friendly car on the road known as Tesla. Tesla was founded in July of 2003. Tesla cars operate strictly off lithium battery cells and can run for an approximate range of two hundred miles per charge. One can say that the Tesla brand carries a numerous amount of social responsibility for their battery sustainable vehicles. The first model they produced was the Roadster. From the years of 2008 to March of 2012, Tesla sold 2,250 Roadsters in over 31 countries. Tesla was named after the…show more content…
Their organizational culture empowers their human resources to make their organization unique to the automotive industry. Tesla was nominated the most valuable car company in America. It excels way past General Motors. Tesla is succeeding in all areas because investors believe that the car industry will shift from human driven, to electric driven vehicles. They are doing extremely well in this day because they are the number one automobile concept in their category. Tesla is aiming to be the Apple of the car business. Not only are they doing well with car buyers, but they stole the spotlight for one of the few successful independent automakers in the car…show more content…
The word “Giga” is the unit of measurement representing “billions”. Their suggested annual battery production capacity is 35 gigawatt hours being equivalent to generating one billion watts for one hour. This is a key aspect in Tesla’s future endeavors. Their competitive advantage is a partnership with Panasonic. Their goal is to have battery production capacity of 35 gigawatt-hours, which is equal to the world’s total battery production today. The gigawatt strategy works for Tesla because the cost of battery cells will decline through their sales, innovative manufacturing, and cause the reduction of waste, making Tesla one of the most sustainable automotive organizations worldwide. When the cost of the batteries decline, it will make Tesla products available to more people, making a huge impact on transitioning the world into an energy efficient
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