Case Study of Tesla Motors Inc.

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Tesla Motors Inc. is an American public company which is known worldwide because of its experience in designing, manufacturing and also the selling of electric cars and electric components for vehicles. The motor was started back in the year 2003 in San Carlos, California in the United States (, 2014). The company had its headquarters in Palo Alto and at the time of its inception, Elon Musk was its chief executive officer (CEO) (Hunger, 2010). Environmental concerns have been raised from time to time because of the dependency on the gasoline-fueled engine as the chief auto powertrain technology. This has resulted in exposing many automobile users to unpredictable prices of fuel. These issues were, however, the reason for the inception of Tesla Motors so as to bring into existence another set of automotive which serves the similar purpose; but uses another form of energy that being electricity to drive them instead of the disadvantageous gasoline-powered engine. This invention was influenced by a number of factors in terms of their planning and performance (Hunger, 2010). Factors affecting Tesla’s planning and performance The success of any organization just as the Tesla Motor largely depends on the planning of the activities by the management team in the company. A good performance is always attributed to the planning strategy that a certain company has. The following are therefore four factors that affect the planning and performance of the company. Management A company that is well managed is successful in most of its activities. Management is said to be the planning and organizing. This is so because good leadership skills oversee the general working of every unit in the organization. The management of Tesla... ... middle of paper ... ...J: Prentice Hall. Rechtin, M. (2014). Tesla cuts losses but sees costly year ahead. Automotive News, 88(6609), 3. (2014). About Tesla. Retrieved from: Morningstar, Inc. (2014). Tesla Motors, Inc. (TSLA) – Financials. Retrieved from:®ion=usa&culture=en-US&ownerCountry=USA Tesla Motors Inc. - Form 10-K Annual Report, 2011. (2011). Retrieved from: Tesla Motors Inc. - Form 10-K Annual Report, 2013. (2013). Retrieved from: Wheelen, T. L., & Hunger, J. D. (2012). Strategic Management and Business Policy: Towards Global Sustainability. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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