Tesla Motors Marketing Challenges

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Research Questions 1. What is the history of Tesla Motors marketing challenges?
Despite its success, Tesla Motors has been facing serious challenges throughout its history, for example:
• Tesla is a stand-alone luxury brand, and a startup company
• Tesla’s product is a completely new type of mass-produced vehicle: a fully electric car
• Due to physical reasons, Tesla vehicles cannot be recharged comparably quickly to a petroleum fuel-powered car
• Tesla is challenged by restrictions to getting their cars to market
• The lifestyle of owning and driving a Tesla vehicle is different from common cars

2. What were the critical marketing decisions that helped Tesla stand out among other companies and become the lead innovator in its
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1. Perform analysis of the current Tesla market position. Determine strengths and weaknesses of its products.
This work will determine the baseline of the current market situation for the company, which is essential for any further exercise and analysis. To understand how the business model correlates with the product marketing, need to see if there is any evident cause-effect relationship between product characteristics and the nature of the product company. If such correlation exists, it will be important to see the transition of such characteristics into the company marketing strategy. It can show how company’s strategies can be successfully addressed in a real-world scenario. Both internal and external analysis, SWOT matrix will help to determine the company’s current market position.
2. Investigate the marketing strategies of Tesla Motors. Determine the marketing decisions. Evaluate Elon Musk as a businessman and
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3. Perform critical review of the results. Describe success of the marketing decisions and techniques. Synthesize a list of recommendations for marketing and management specialists employed by hi-tech startups in the manufacturing field.
Having both marketing strategies and both products analyzed and the history of the important marketing decisions made and techniques used by the company written down, it will be interesting to perform a critical analysis of how the market and business realities made an impact on the marketing of Tesla Motors, why it happened and what was the effect. The presence of the CEO and the impact he makes on the public and investor confidence will also be critically reviewed. Based on the results, a list of recommendations will be composed for both representatives and marketing specialists who work in the same or similar
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