Case Study: Electric Cars

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In this case study I will be discussing advantages and disadvantages of electric cars. Electric cars are cars that are powered by electricity. Electric vehicles are an important part of cutting emissions and reducing global warming. The battery of an electric car stores electrical energy. The electric motor is coupled to the wheels through gears; it converts 59-60% of electrical energy into the wheels. The battery runs the motor which allows the car to move. Electric cars are necessary as they will save money, because electricity is cheaper than gas. Also electric vehicles will help reduce global warming and pollution. However, some people say that electric cars still have environmental costs. The electricity used to recharge EV batteries has to come from somewhere in the world, and now, most electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels. Although electric vehicles are classified as green cars, purists will not appreciate the toxicity of the batteries. Electric cars are becoming increasingly more necessary, and have more advantages than disadvantages. Electric cars help to decrease the noise, pollution as they are much quieter. They do not emit any (or much less) carbon emission than petrol cars. Electric vehicles are the greenest mode of transport in the personal transportation industry. For each litre of fuel used in an engine produces more than 2.5kg of CO2. CO2 will be produced by an electric car but still a very little amount. It is also possible to use renewable power or a green energy supplier in the electric car. Thus it would lead to less polluted and safe working environment for all of us. However, safety is a big concern with using vehicles. The fluids in the batteries actually take impact better than a fully made gas car because it is not that flammable. Petrol cars and diesel cars are more flammable than electric cars so they are greater of taking impact in the event of an accident. I think that this is a very good reason because fewer people would get injured or hurt. This would save money because electricity is cheaper than gas and electric cars are easy to operate. Also is very ECO –friendly which mean that it is cheaper to run and have to pay very little road tax. In a pure electric vehicle there’s nothing combustible and have far fewer moving parts than you would find in a petrol or diesel car.
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