Tesla Motors Case Study

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When the Tesla Model S was first released, Consumer Reports named the Electric Vehicle (EV) the most remarkable auto ever tested. The consumer protection publication; that has been looking out for their readers since 1936; said that the Flagship vehicle from Elon Musk’s Motor Company, was essentially flawless. Its performance on the track and in safety testing was second to none. However, due to a drop in quality class; from average to below; the Tesla Model S has been removed from Consumer Reports’ Recommended List. Many by now know, the EV that redefined the genre was released to rave reviews. Consumer Reports said that it performed better than any other auto on their test track. Because of all the weight from the low mounted motors it was…show more content…
There are both nepotistic and noble reasons for this. There are biased buyers who are completely committed to, and trust in team Tesla’s progressive purpose, they would hesitate to speak ill of the company even if the car literally ate their children for nourishment. The contraposition for Tesla Motors is the rapid service received. Despite not having a traditional infrastructure, the company beats it opponents in its operational expeditiousness. The Palo Alto automaker’s response time for issues is often overnight, and always beyond convention. One customer with some play in his gears had his entire drivetrain replaced. Interestingly, the Tesla Model S is not the only car to have dropped off Consumer Reports recommended list. Notable autos such as the entire 5 series (including X5) and GM’s Corvette have also been demoted, and their customer service departments are not noted for being the best. However, those stories do not get much play, because it is not Musk’s Mighty Mouse motors on the guillotine with those. Speaking of, Musk downplayed the issue saying that the issue ridden cars were phased out first gen models. Even TrueDelta (rival to Consumer Reports) chimed in to say that Tesla Motors reliability has vastly

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