Tesla Case Study Essay

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Tesla Motors Case Study

Tesla motors is a company that produces and sells automobiles. Tesla is not any old automobile company. Tesla specializes in all electric cars that run 100 percent on battery and focuses on the future. Tesla is looking into the future and realizes that fossil fuels will eventually run out. Tesla is moving toward a zero-emission future for the better. A tesla is a vehicle, an all-electric vehicle that combines safety, performance, and efficiency. In 2016 Tesla’s annual revenue totaled to 7 billion dollars. Tesla is a profitable company. Tesla has seen potential growth in annual gross income, since 2012 from earning 30 million dollars to 2016 earning 1.5 billion in annual gross income. (1) The Tesla factory is located
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Automobiles are 100% ran on electric, they include wireless updates, auto pilot, massive batteries, chargers, and the design. The model 3 features a price point that is very similar to a gas-powered car in the modern century. The back seats are ultra-modern that can accommodate baby seats and the back seats can be folded down to produce more trunk space just like cars today. There are many more aspects about the model 3 that make it futuristic. The model 3 can go 0 to 60 in under 5.1 seconds for an electric car. The interior features a 15-inch tablet and the roof is basically all glass. It features new door handles that is flush with the doors but when pushed in the right corner the handle will pop out and you can use it normally. (4) Tesla is still manufacturing the models S,3, and X. There are many benefits to self-driving cars. Some of these benefits would include having fewer accidents, less traffic congestion, increased highway captivity, lower fuel consumption, and enhanced human productivity. (5) Self-driving cars seem to be at the forefront for innovation and safety. Self-driving cars are revolutionizing how we will get around for decades to come. They include the top innovation and technology that we have to offer, and will be the largest innovation since Henry Ford’s assembly line.…show more content…
Elon musk is considered visionary entrepreneur, because he is a risk taker and a billionaire entrepreneur. He is CEO of many companies and inspires people to follow their dreams and to maybe be as successful as him. His journey and all his success speaks for itself. His vision for Tesla Motor’s is to produce high efficiency low cost vehicles to reduce gas emission lowering pollution and to move toward a safer renewable world. His main goal is to transition into more sustainable energy and to be less reliant on fossil fuels. Elon is most notorious for his CEO position in Tesla Motors, but he is involved with much more than Tesla. He is involved with SpaceX, The Boring Company, and SolarCity. He is leveraging all aspects of innovation through so many different companies and organizations. Including vehicle production, rocket production, and Hyperloop production. Elon and his team introduce many innovative features to all these different aspects across all levels.
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