Career Assessment In Counselling

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Assessment is the term counselors use for the evaluation methods counselors use to better understand the characteristics of people, places, and things. The purpose of assessment in counseling is to help better understand and provide information for both the counselor and client so the counselor can better help the client and plan and evaluate programs (Hays, 2013, p. 6). “In addition, it can be therapeutic and can help clients understand both their past and present attitudes and actions as well as their plans for the future. Thus, assessments serve a diagnostic use, help to evaluate client progress, and are useful to improve or promote client awareness, knowledge, and skills” (Hays, 2013, p. 6). An assessment should be part of the …show more content…

Generation of alternatives- The counselor and client come up with alternatives to help resolve the problems. Decision Making- Anticipate the consequences of the various alternatives. Verification- The goals need to be specified and the counselor and the client should discuss how the client will know the problem has been solved. You will most likely see career assessment and counseling in a broad range of employment settings. For example, mental health agencies, Veteran Affairs hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and school and college counseling offices. The most crucial types of career counseling measurements are interest, aptitude, and values better known as “the Big Three”. “ Other measures pertinent to career counseling include measure of career choice and development, such as the Career Maturity Inventory and Career Decision Scale. The different career assessment measures have been used to (a) increase client self knowledge, (b) help clients make career choices and (c) encourage client participation in career counseling” (Hays, 2013, p.16). School counselors are in elementary, middle and high school settings. “School counselors are frequently involved with assessment activities in their work with students, parents, and teachers”(Hays, 2013, p.16). School counselors use a number of test to assess their their students. It is important for school counselors to become familiar with these test so that they can use them successfully in their own

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