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To begin with, in order for a facility to be successful in treating people with addictions whether it be alcohol, or drugs the facility must have a treatment plan to use and guide both counselors and the client alike to be successful in the program.
Treatment plan for the facility.
Nobody denies that every client and situation is unique, but there is a general layout out of a treatment plan that can be used thought out the facility to ensure success for the client. The first step in the treatment plan is to screen clients to determine if he/she meets the criteria of the facilities drug, or alcohol program. The facility will use the standard CAGE, of the Substance Abuse Subtitle Screening Inventory questioner as a screening tool. These two screening tools are consist of few questions and require only short answers to determine (American Society of Addiction Medicine, 2012). These tools are easy to use and can be done by any qualified staff according to the ASAM. If more through information is needed then the client will go under an assessment.
Moreover, an assessment is a more in-depth line of questioning of the client that goes in to the client’s background such as childhood experiences, social life and psychological health; the assessment can also go into a series of testing. Additionally, the assessment is also used to determine a diagnosis of the client (Substance Abuse Counselor, n.d.). Many times clients with substance abuse problems do have psychological issues.
Further, after the assessment has been completed a diagnosis is determined by using the DMS IV. Patients must show signs of at least 3 of the following for 12 months: Tolerance which the drug has little to no effect, psychical or psychological signs of withdrawa...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that a facility must have an addiction treatment plan and guide both counselors and the client alike to be successful in the program.
  • Opines that the most important part of therapy is the patient's confidentially.
  • Explains that every client and situation is unique, but a treatment plan can be used to ensure success for the client.
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