The Importance Of Career Counseling

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According to Toole(1973), satisfaction with your job is associated with living a longer life.

Everyday, a numerous amount of people wake up and drag themselves to their workplace. They dread the term ‘work’ as they do not enjoy their job and have not experienced or gained any form of satisfaction from their jobs. In turn, their jobs affect their mood, their feelings, their overall performance at work and most importantly their health: physically, emotionally and mentally.

Hence, the reason people change jobs a number of times throughout their journey in life is to ask themselves, ‘Am I satisfied?’ Throughout this journey they ask themselves, ‘What do I aspire to be? What do I enjoy doing? What makes me happy?’

This is when, there is a need for intervention. Although career guidance models are constantly altering overtime, it has still provided change for the better in the lives of many people.

According to BSU(2010), career counseling is defined as a process that will help an individual to know and to understand themselves and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions. Thus, career counseling is delivered and available in a various number of forms to individuals all across the globe. It is available online, face to face, through mentoring, through formal guidance and counseling sessions as well as through voluntary organizations (e.g National Careers Service). (Savickas,2008)

Research shows, traditional theories are used dominantly in todays world of career guidance and counseling.

Therefore, through this assignment I will critically evaluate and analyze a number of theories, the theorists behind them as well as their influence on the practice. I will also apply these models to my own car...

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... and many more and these factors may influence the results obtained. Third, if an individual does not take the test seriously or does not take enough time to read and respond thoughtfully and sincerely to each statement, there results again may end up being inaccurate.

According to a paragraph summarized by Sharf(2002), he stated that Frank Parson’s theory is not a developmental theory, but a static one. This is because he felt this theory focuses mainly on individual traits and factors but not the individuals interests, values and achievements. It also does not take into consideration change, that is constantly occurring in every individual.

Lastly, Frank Parsons Theory does not tackle gender based barriers. This will allow and help many women improve their level of self-efficacy and tackle the psychological barriers caused by gender socialization. (Chen, 2007)