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Businesses are very hard to maintain, there are ways to accommodate their relative difficulties. By learning the steps to success from the ground up of management, it would be possible. So what is it that makes businesses or management itself so problematic? The main concern about management is their ability to make careful decisions. Without the capability of managing people and the industry itself, there would be no movement with the company. There are many concerns when dealing with decisions that are to be made by managers. These concerns will help the company prioritize of what’s important and what isn’t. Organizing the company, planning objectives, and controlling the surroundings are kits to solve the main concern when making decisions.
To start off, in order to help prioritize oneself is to have the ability to organize. This would mean assembling and coordinating the people, financially know about the company, physically and having enough information. For example, if a manager were to give an employee a task, they must make sure that the task is very precise. In addition to being precise, the task must be especially made for that certain employee in order to keep things running smoothly. If the manager were to give the wrong employee a task he is not familiar with, then the manager would be going haywire. Furthermore, the tasks must be kept at a minimal because according to, “you should never give the person more than a few tasks”. This would overwhelm the employee and this could cause the employee to have unfinished tasks for the day. With the end result with either being fired from the job, or ruining the company. This is similar to the company’s financial and physical information etc. This can be expr...

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...e taken advantage of. Moreover, the managers must try to be friends with the employees. This would then earn their respect and eventually have the workers do what they’re supposed to do.
As can be seen, being a manager is very hard work because it requires many aspects of management fundamentals. Having the ability to organize, plan, and control are very important in a company’s interest. These three work together for a manager, and would further help them solve the question of what management’s main concern when making decisions. The main concern is the skill of prioritizing and it can be achieved through these aspects of a manager.

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