Bill Gates and Warren Buffett

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In business world the manager is a leader of the company that leads his/her employees to success and happiness. Being qualified for this positions one must have these aspects, aggressive, motivated, risk taker, respectful and trustworthy. One who has these qualifies is a successful manager. Two people in this world that clearly showed these qualifications are Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. They are the two of smartest, wealthiest and goal oriented people on this planet. They both succeeded in two different areas but both had the same aspects in being a manager of their company.
The video “Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on Success” was with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett answering questions at University of Washington School of Business about their success and helpful tips they have learned for future successful business men and women. The video showed many aspects that gave knowledge and practices for everyone to use to become a successful manager and having a successful company. They both were very friendly and out-going with the audience which showed that what they are doing is what they really enjoy. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are two who are admire and looked up to millions of people worldwide by their knowledge and their success they have today.

Bill gates and Warren Buffett are the two most successful people in the United States some might even call them the American folk hero. “Bill Gates has an aggressive, winner-takes-all attitude; he transformed Microsoft, a small niche company, into the most influential company in the computer industry and the world for that matter. He's driven, intelligent and doesn't apologize for the fact

that he can take you down in a flash. He is also the co-founder and chairman of Microsoft, the worlds largest and most powerful (and most profitable) software company. And by the way, he is the richest man on the planet with an estimated fortune of $70 billion US (as of November 2000)”. (
“Warren Buffett came from a small town and made it big without losing sight of his roots in the process. Even though he is a billionaire many times over, he still lives in the same house he bought before he was rich and is considered an all-around good g...

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... the paper. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are perfect examples of successful managers. They clearly showed important aspects to be a successful manager and that is loving what you do, surrounding themselves with people whom they respect and trusted, emotional intelligence and were willing to take risks. Their success has motivated and inspired millions to succeed in their company and in their lives.
Today in the business world there are many successful business men and women that succeed in their own areas of business. The main reasons of their success are of their aspects on managing their company from taking risks to motivation and commitment. A successful manager is also a leader to the other co-workers and employees of the company; he/she must guide and lead them to success and happiness.

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