Bullying Is Not Just An Issue

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Bullying is not just an issue in television shows, it is a real life issue that affects students of many ages, backgrounds, colors and cultures. It is important for you to understand all sides of bullying, from the signs of someone being bullied to what you can do to prevent it. For my senior project i am going to talk about what are the types of bullying, how to recognize bullying. how do he/she report it and what should they do when they see it and what resources are available to those that are being bullied. Physical bullying occurs most at school middle is the age when bullying is most common with almost all middle school students being affected directly or indirectly by bullying students who bully others often have trouble with self control following the rules and caring for each other and in the future they may have criminal behavior or a failure in their career. Physical bullying occurs when the bully uses physical power or violence to coerce, intimidate, or harm the victim. This is usually the easiest form of bullying to identify and see the effects of, which is why it is often thought to be the most serious and the most commonly responded to in schools(no bullying.com). Many victims of verbal bullying are affected in many real ways. verbal bullying can affect a person’s image and affect someone in emotional and physical ways. This type of bullying can lead to low self esteem and as well as depression and other problems. it can start problems that a victim is already dealing with at home or other places .verbal bullying can reach a point where the victim is so depressed and wants to escape so badly that he or she may commit suicide(www.bullying statistics.org) . Verbal bullying can be hard for teachers and other aut... ... middle of paper ... ...tips and decent facts about how cyber bullying occurs and how parents should approach the situation.When you, your child, or someone close to you is being bullied, there are many steps to take to help resolve the situation. There are many help guides and resources out there to help prevent bullying. Bullying can threaten students’ physical and emotional safety at school and can negatively impact their ability to learn. The best way to address bullying is to stop it before it starts. There are a number of things school staff can do to make schools safer and prevent bullying. Assess school prevention and intervention efforts around student behavior, including substance use and violence. You may be able to build upon them or integrate bullying prevention strategies. Many programs help address the same protective and risk factors that bullying programs do.
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