Benjamin Franklin and His impact on American History

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Benjamin Franklin was one of the most successful founding fathers of our nation and helped establish American independence from Great Britain. He was a key member in the development of the political backbone that has shaped this country into what it is today. Benjamin Franklin was one of the most humble and inspirational figures of that time. He was a major factor in the outcome of the war of Independence and in his selfless actions of leaving his family, won the help from the French to assist America in the fight against England. Although Benjamin Franklin never made it to be president he was a leader among his peers. He invented many things that we still use today such as the library, bifocals, and the postal service. He helped compose the Declaration of Independence and also participated in the signing of the U.S. Constitution which we hold as the most valuable asset in our governmental system today. Franklin was a role model for all to follow and possessed the kind of leadership characteristics that this country needed to get off the ground. The United States of America would be a much different place with out the impacts that Benjamin Franklin made on our government, society, and mankind.

Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706 in Boston. He had many brothers and sisters in which he had to compete with to accomplish anything. He was sent to school to become a clergy member but was withdrawn by his father after only to years because the great cost it was to send him. Benjamin’s short time in school opened him up to reading. And he became a phenomenal reader. He loved to read and wanted to write his own works. His father sent him to work with his brother at a printing press factory. Working at the printing office inspired...

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