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    If ever a story embodied what has come to be known as the American dream, it is the life story of Benjamin Franklin. The work ethic of Franklin could be considered a passionate and energetic man who motivated himself by self-sovereignty and his strong work ethic to achieve self-improvement. Beyond his personal ambitions to attain self-improvement, Franklin’s deep notions and convictions inspired him to help others for a better life. Franklin’s desire in providing and creating useful solutions for

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    Benjamin Franklin was a multi-faceted man, due to his achievements that were unexpected of him, his advances through many areas of his life and his faith that many adapted. Born into a large family of ten children, Franklin was not expected to be the leading man he was. His father was a soap maker, and his family thought Franklin would be a part of the clergy. (Ben Franklin The Electric Franklin 1) Franklin’s expectations make his successes so much more impactful because of his ability to be a leader

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    Benjamin Franklin was one of the most significant figures during the 18th century. The significance of Benjamin Franklin can be observed through his contributions to society. Such contributions include his profession as a printer, the creation of the first subscription library, the creation of Poor Richard’s Almanac, and his experiments with electricity. In addition, Franklin also tried to reconcile the differences between England and America, and when that proved futile, he traveled to France in

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    Benjamin Franklin He was never a president of the United States, nor did he lead any army in a battle. He had no talent in public speaking, preferring to write out his thoughts on paper and for them to be read aloud by others. Yet in his day he was certainly one of the most well known celebrities, beloved in both the United States and through most of Europe. He is Benjamin Franklin, and he has become a symbol of American civilization. Benjamin Franklin was the youngest of ten sons of a Boston

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    Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin, one of the most important Americans in history, did scientific work before 1790. He had a large impact on America as well as the rest of the world. Europe played a big part of his career because the influences he felt from Europe help him develop and work in science. Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston in 1706 into a family of ten children and to a soap and candle maker. Although Ben had some formal education, he was primarily self-taught. At the age

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    “The U. S. Constitution doesn't guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself.” –Benjamin Franklin. A man worthy of honorable mention, Benjamin Franklin was one of the smarter individuals who lived in the United States of America. From playing a role in drafting the Declaration of Independence to helping draft the United States Constitution, Ben has many accomplishments under his belt. Beings how smart he is, he has many achievements, including some facts that

  • Benjamin Franklin: A Brief Biography Of Benjamin Franklin

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    Awstyn Allard Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin is someone that I look up to and his achievements are far greater than most. The first person that comes to mind when I think of a life given to the service of others is Benjamin Franklin because he pioneered the spirit of self-help in America, there was no-one who ever lived or is living on the face of this Earth who is more extraordinary and impacting than Benjamin Franklin, many people just see him as “the guy on the $100 bill” but what you will

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    Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. He was the tenth son of soap maker, Josiah Franklin. Benjamin's mother was Abiah Folger, the second wife of Josiah. In all, Josiah would father 17 children. Josiah intended for Benjamin to enter into the clergy. However, Josiah could only afford to send his son to school for one year and clergymen needed years of schooling. But, as young Benjamin loved to read he had him apprenticed to his brother James, who was a printer. After helping

  • Benjamin Franklin: The Leadership And Success Of Benjamin Franklin

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    Benjamin Franklin was a very extraordinary and intelligent man. From a young age he was already a leader and looking to make the world a better place. He was extremely curious, he didn’t take things for granted, and he constantly asked why and how. Franklin used his skills and values to guide him to advance common goals. He had strong interpersonal skills and used them to his advantage in order to get help from others to achieve goals. Benjamin Franklin helped advance America and helped us get our

  • The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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    In The Autobiography, Benjamin Franklin recounts the many paramount experiences throughout his life that shaped him into great American figure he was known to be. On the opening page, Franklin reveals the book’s epistolary format by writing, “Dear Son,” going on to admit that he’s made some mistakes in the past and to recollect that past is a way to relive it. By divulging his desire to “change some sinister Accidents & Events” (Franklin 3) the author indicates how important it is for his son to

  • Personality Of Benjamin Franklin

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    Benjamin Franklin is considered to be one of the most well-known Founding Fathers, as he helped in writing the Declaration of Independence and the very first Constitution of the United States. Who was he other than a man who fought for colonist’s rights however? Franklin was a brilliant inventor who created many innovating and life changing mechanisms, such as the world’s very first almanac, bifocals, and the lightning rod. He was also a major figure in the American Enlightenment, which restored

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    dollar bill, he was not elected president of the United States. This man is Benjamin Franklin. After reading the Benjamin Franklin 1706 – 1790 article, to only select three prominent characteristics on which to focus an essay on is a formidable task based on his personal and professional achievements. The three prominent characteristics used to describe Benjamin Franklin are inquisitive, successful, and a leader. Mr. Franklin was known for his inquisitive mind which allowed

  • Benjamin Franklin the Inventor

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    Benjamin Franklin the Inventor Benjamin Franklin is recognized as one of the greatest Americans ever. He contributed to the advancement of our country in many different ways. Since Franklin was a statesman, journalist, diplomat, inventor, and philosopher he was always in the middle of everything of importance. It is arguable which of these appositives best describes him. One thing that can not be disputed is that he is the greatest inventor ever. To be forty-two in Franklin’s time was to be

  • Benjamin Franklin Struggles

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    Benjamin Franklin was one of the great minds of the eighteenth century. He faced struggles in the beginning of his life, but achieved countless of his dreams before the time of his death. He was born on the sixth of January 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the tenth of fifteen children born into a family of Puritans. His parents, Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger, wanted him to become a minister, but were unable to provide enough money for him to pursue that path. Because of their poverty, he

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    March 2014 Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was a hardworking, intelligent man who was the embodiment of the American spirit. He represents all that is good in America, and demonstrates the power of capitalism. He started as a man loyal to the crown, but then through the disgraceful acts of the British Empire, he turned into a true American. His scientific experiments have revolutionized the world. Benjamin Franklin’s father was a candle maker, but he also was a skilled mechanic. Franklin was in a

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    The first thing that comes to someone’s mind about Benjamin Franklin will most likely be that he is the one that is on the 100 dollar bill or he was a president. There is much more about Benjamin than just being on a bill and being a president. Gordon S. Wood wrote a biography on Benjamin and it tells the readers about the events that have happened during his lifetime. During the time of Benjamin Franklin, there were many events that occurred and Wood describes them in the biography. His curiosity

  • Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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    The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is a representation of the new prospect of upward mobility in colonial America during the 18th century and the development of the Age of Reason, which assisted in the conception of the idea of the “American Dream”; a dream that includes fundamentally social ideals such as democracy, equality, and material prosperity. Furthermore, Franklin’s autobiography exemplifies a significant shift in focus from religion to enlightenment and reason. Additionally, there were

  • Benjamin Franklin and Religion

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    can be seen particularly in the way Deists, such as Benjamin Franklin, recognize God and His Word in opposition to that of the Puritans. As skeptical people, we all question what we cannot see or have trouble understanding why certain things happen, especially those spiritual or supernatural occurrences. Franklin was born into a Puritan family and seemed to follow the Puritans’ ideas for following God’s Word. Around the age of fifteen, Franklin began to question the Bible causing his Puritan based

  • Biography of Benjamin Franklin

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    Benjamin Franklin led an influential life. He was a master of creation. He was a literary genius. Also he became a president. His invents are still used today and everyone loves them. Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 17, 1706. He was the 10th son of Josiah Franklin and Abiah (Folger). Franklin’s father was a soap and candle maker. Benjamin’s father had hoped that Benjamin would enter into the clergy but he could not afford for his son to go to school for many years

  • The Benjamin Franklin Story

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    The Benjamin Franklin Story In my opinion Ben Franklin was the most influential of the founding fathers. He did a lot more than just help found our nation though. He was also a scientist, diplomat, businessman, and philosopher. I can't think of any person who is more quoted than he is, and he lived 200 years ago! Benjamin Franklin, born January 17, 1706, was the 10th son of 17 children. He was born and grew up in Boston. Even though he was considered by most to be extremely intelligent