Being A Servant Leader

There are many challenges which an ethical leader undertakes to ensure their success of leading their life with moral regard. Challenges which one must over come to to act in a servant manner, engage with leaders, demonstrate courage and support while being authentic in their actions. Such actions will allow leaders to demonstrate ideal ethical characteristics which are supportive of the foundations and view points which they possess.
Act as a Servant Manner Servant leadership is the idea which seeks to enrich the lives of individuals. Through servant leadership, individuals are better able to build better organizations which they are part of and ultimately create a more just and caring community around them. For me I resolve to be a servant leader committed to the growth of my family and friends. As a servant leader, people have a great value beyond their tangible contributions as contributors in our work. It is my desire to understand that offering and help to establish them in their growth. A servant leader is one who can grow and create a community of caring and prosperity. A servant-leader focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities but also recognize the
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As a leader I have had to find the courage to go against the majority. Finding the inner strength to do what I think is right even though it may not be the popular belief. I don 't seek to be one of the many people who walk the path of least resistance. True organizational and personal leadership requires one to take the road less traveled, while not easy it likely will be what is right. I seek to be that person with the passion to challenge those around me and to someday change the world. My efforts to be part of valued change in my community and school district and provide governmental service on the Board of Education has provided me a great platform to be that bold and courageous
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