Beautiful Princess in Disney Movies Create Low Self-Eseem in Our Girls

Most children grow up watching Disney princess movies. Girls want to be extraordinary, beautiful, and similar to the princesses seen in these movies in terms of behavior. These movies teach them that they must be fashionable, beautiful and be rescued by a prince in order to be happy. However, these movies have been shown to have negative impacts on these young girls’ life, often resulting in low self-esteem, disobedience, overdependence, and an unrealistic expectation of male partners. As a result, young girls should not be encouraged to watch Disney princess movies because they idolize the characters, which are simply fictitious and just meant for entertainment, and these movies also cause disobedience, low self-esteem and lack of confidence.
For starters, Disney princess movies display the image of extraordinary beautiful sexy girls as princesses. They have long hair, small waist, flawless skin, nice cloths and beautiful voices (England, Descartes, Collier-Meek, 2). Unsurprisingly, young Girls want to have the qualities of these fictitious characters. They define beauty as having the perfect body image, just as Disney princess movies have taught them. Moreover, the bad people or witches in these movies always seem to be ugly, fat, or basically unattractive. This changes young girls’ view of the society, leading them to develop low self-esteem if they don’t meet the princesses’ standard (Dundes, 8). Since, Disney features the male character (prince) to be romantically linked to the female character (princess), young girls who do not think that they have the image of a princess will get the impression that they cannot be loved by handsome wealthy men (England, Descartes, Collier-Meek, 3). Also, they will consider themselves to b...

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...r society. This is a sign of dependency because she does whatever the society wants her to do and do not consider what she wants. Disney shows that women can limit themselves from things men do however, it’s wrong because everyone has to fight for themselves in order to survive.
Disney princess movies are inappropriate for young girls. People blame adult media for a child’s corruption, but they fail to see where it all started: Disney princess movies. Women should not see Disney princesses as their role model. They should accept themselves for who they are than comparing themselves to unrealistic Disney characters. If young girls continue to emulate Disney characters, it might affect their future. It is better to stop them at their early age. Therefore, they should not be encouraged to watch Disney princess movies for the betterment of their future and society.

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