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    replacing her with a negative image' (Do Rozario, 2004, p.41). This could suggest that once the evil femme fatale has been stripped of her powers, her importance is reduced and a prince has substituted her in the princesses’ life. This results in the princess still being passive but now under the control of a prince rather than the powerful evil stepmother. To juxtapose the Wicked Queens tall and mighty appearance, Snow White has a slim, hourglass figure with pale skin and a petite frame. Alike, the

  • Disney Princess Culture

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    Time: The Effects of Princess Culture From a young age, princess culture has impacted the lives of numerous people. Some individuals may have spent their childhood parading around in the attire of their favorite Disney princess while they put on their best rendition of the character they admired most. Ohers may have only seen a few Disney princess movies here and there and went seemingly unfazed by the phenomenon. With Disney’s debut of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, princess movies would provide

  • The Discourse on Disney Princess Culture

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    Disney is one of the biggest empires in the world. It is a brand that everyone knows about whether they invest in it or not. According to the Forbes Most Valuable Brands list, Disney ranks number seventeen in the world—behind popular brands like Apple and Microsoft and above Wal-Mart. The Disney Empire is a business, a brand that can be found almost everywhere, even in the Dollar Store. The brand’s accessibility is what makes it easy for children to become consumers. The consumerism of princess culture

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    For my research essay, I want to look into the archetypes of Disney princess and how much they have changed as society goes into its fourth wave of feminism. I believe Disney princesses reflect on the way society portrays women; starting back in the twentieth century when the first Disney princess movie was released, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. For many years, princesses have been one of the top selling trends for young girls and I would like to determine if these heroines have a harsh impact

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    use celebrities and Disney characters to give young girls the idea of being able to imitate their lifestyle. By buying the merchandise of these princesses young girls are buying this mentality and promoting the message. Playboy bunny and Disney princesses are different yet similar in the way that they exploit female bodies. For instance, in the film Mulan her mother and aunts state, “good breeding and a tiny waist will bring honor to them all,” as in her family name (“Disney and Sexism – You-Tube”)

  • Disney Princess Stereotypes

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    When Disney first launched its first princess film in 1937. The young female character was very feminine and was meant to represent what girls should want to aspire to be like. ‘Snow White’ was the first full length Disney film and this film generated around £184,925,486 in the box office. This film was the start of the ‘Disney Princess’. The term ‘Disney Princess’ is now known worldwide and in many ways this label does not represent positive connotations in the 21st century, the associations with

  • The Seven Traditional Stereotypes In Disney Princess Movies

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    There are seven traditional Disney princess movies made between 1937 and 1995, and they all illustrate stereotypical gender roles (The Rhetoric of Disney). These movies include Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Pocahontas. “...marriage was a natural and desirable role for a white woman… The typical portrait of the colonial woman depicts a strong, sturdy good wife, producing household necessities and plying her crafts

  • Disney Princess Culture Essay

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    “infamous” princess culture, that teaches our girls’ to “rely on a man,” or “behave like a princess.” However, these ideas are misguided, the princess culture can actually be a very positive tool to young girls and boys, in many ways. Disney princesses, specifically, were a huge part of my childhood, so it is fitting to focus on them. Each princess was unique, she had her own quirks, goals that she strove to meet, and she searched for her own happy endings. One of the greatest parts of Disney princesses

  • Disney Princess Mythology

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    Background of the Study The Walt Disney Company is also known as Disney which was founded by Walt Disney in 1923. The Disney Princess franchise began when they made their very first princess film in 1937 and has been then continued to produce more of these movies. Their very first Disney princess was introduce in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and then up till the current princess in 2013 with Frozen. Disney princess characters are not chosen specifically for their royal titles, but rather for

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    us grew up with the whimsical and romantic princess tales brought to life through Disney’s animation. Anyone paying close attention would realize that there are a great number of similarities and differences between the classic Disney princess movies, which include Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella, and the more modern Disney princess movies. One of the main ways in which the old Disney princess movies differ from the modern Disney princess movies is in their production. Snow White and

  • Disney Princess Stereotypes

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    The coloring books, the endless amounts of toys, the movies, the shows, the dress up clothes, the places. Disney has provided endless amounts of entertainment for all ages for a long time. Between the special surprise trips to one of the happiest places on earth to the simple movie nights with the family. Disney is a household name that is beloved by many. More specifically, the characters Disney has created: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, the list goes on and on. Children, teens

  • Analysis Of Little Girls Or Little Women: The Disney Princess Effect

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    In “Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect,” Stephanie Hanes covers the sexualization of young girls and women in every aspect of the media that influences children and teens. She explains that girls see media figures, movies, and sports being sexualized, and how this is causing children to associate looking and acting a certain way to being ‘the perfect women’. Hanes believes the hypersexualized media is causing girls to obtain a negative body image and it’s killing their self-esteem

  • Little Girls Or Little Women: The Disney Princess Effect By Stephanie Hanes

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    The article “Little Girls or Little Women; The Disney Princess Effect” was written by Stephanie Hanes for the Christian Science Monitor on October 3, 2011. Hanes felt the need to address this subject due to the increase of Disney Princesses in children’s media, toys and on clothes, as well as the growing sexualization in young girls. She argues whether or not media and the Disney Princess Empire has a negative effect on the increasing sexualization in young girls. This article can be divided into

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    represented during the years of Disney animated films have been recorded and could be linked to the changing attitudes towards women in current American culture. Although Disney is commonly associated with childhood innocence, giving young children the possibility to dream and fantasise, it is important to question the ideology and values that Disney promote. Although largely positive values arise from Disney Animation, there has also been a backlash of criticism against Disney. This negativity could stem

  • Environmental Influences In Disney Princess Movies

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    For the past seventy-eight years, Disney continued to create Disney princess movies, a phenomenon which swept the world, with a worldwide gross of up to six hundred million dollars, with young girls adoring each and every movie. Girls from the age of two watch and enjoy these chauvinist movies, spending hundreds of dollars of their parents’ money on outfits so the little girls can resemble their most idealized princess, which include but not limited to Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana and Mulan. However

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    Disney Princess Movies: New vs. Old Many of us grew up with the whimsical and romantic princess tales brought to life through Disney’s animation. Anyone paying close attention would realize that there are a great number of similarities and differences between the classic Disney princess movies, which include Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella, and the more modern Disney princess movies. One of the main ways in which the old Disney princess movies differ from the modern Disney princess

  • Gender Roles In Disney Princess Movies

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    It is harmful for children to have Disney character role models Disney, as far back as many can remember they have had certain roles that were played in all the princess movies. How many can actually remember all the Princes’ names? In all honesty, some may not even have names. It is known that Cinderella’s prince was never called by his name but in one scene. He was always referred to as ‘Charming’ or ‘Prince Charming’. Who knew his name was actually Thomas. The only importance his character was

  • Disney Princess Role Model

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    of the Disney Princess Profile As Miley Cyrus was seen swinging naked across her wrecking ball, parents cringed at the thought of their children idolizing the once famous Disney star. Children often idolize many things they see on television and movie productions. At the forefront of that topic is the famous Disney Princess art form. Parents, as well as psychologists, tear apart the pure aspect of Disney and the popular Princess by showing opinionated conclusions of how the Disney Princess is considered

  • Mysticism In Disney: The Perfect Princess

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    The Perfect Princess Disney is a brand synonymous with magic and fairytales – their princesses play a huge role in that mysticism. In the debate considering which one is the best, we can examine the message of the corresponding film, the princess’s aesthetic, and the audience’s reception to their film. In comparing the princesses: Belle, Moana, Elsa, and Mulan, all post-modern Disney princesses – Moana is the best. Message In Disney movies, it is all about the lesson. There is always an overarching

  • Post-Princess Models Of Gender: The New Man In Pixar/Disney: Gender Analysis

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    Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and many other Disney movies all have one thing in common, they feature a female lead who needs a male figure to save them. However, things started to change after the release of Mulan in 1988. Movies that were only representing female leads as weak and always needed to rely on someone, started to feature females who showed off their more masculine side. Mulan was one of the first animated films that had started to dive into that, not to mention it was based